9 Fluffy Fashions To Channel Your Inner Cher H.

Ever since I watched Clueless for the first time and I saw Cher brandishing her fluffy, pink pen, I've been a sucker for fluffy fashion. Among her most iconic pieces of clothing and accessories (such as her yellow plaid co-ords and her legendary pen), protagonist Cher Horowitz was also seen wearing a cardigan with fluffy cuffs and, of course, that beautiful, feather trimmed jacket when she was held at gunpoint. Cher wasn't the only member of the fashionable Clueless cast to be seen wearing fluffy fashion, either. Her rival (and total Monet), Amber, sported a super '90s fluffy yeti jacket and a marabou feather headband.

IMO, Clueless was the catalyst for fluffy fashion. In the early noughties, the feather pen was brought back to the big screen with an appearance in Legally Blonde , when leading lady Elle Woods took out a heart shaped notebook and her pink, fluffy pen to take notes on her first day at Harvard Law School. Ms. Woods also donned pink marabou feathers for a second time on the trim of her Halloween bunny costume.

More recently, it appears fluffy fashion is going to play a big part in autumn/winter 2015. Marie Claire reported that a number of designers from Lanvin to Louis Vuitton have showed sumptuous fuzzy coats for fall. In other style news, there were a number of fluffy pieces in the Just Cavalli fall collection, including sophisticated, feathery skirts and fluffy jackets, while Topshop Unique showcased a variety of fluffy fashion pieces with a strong emphasis on fluffy cuffs as well.

So get your Cher on in adorable, '90s fluffy fashion this fall to look like a total Betty, too.

1. The Fluffy Trim Co-ords

Crop Top, $20, ASOS | Skirt, $20, ASOS

Pull off a totally fluff-tastic outfit with this cute powder blue co-ord set with marabou trimmings.

2. The Fluffy Pen Inspired Earrings

Pink Puff Dangle Earrings, $10, Etsy

Be inspired by Cher and Elle and their adorable feather-topped pens with these bubblegum pink feather earrings. You can choose from a gold or a silver-colored chain so they can like totally match your outfit.

3. The Plus Size Fluffy Jumper

Olivia Fluffy Knit Oversized Jumper, $16, Boohoo

The days and nights are going to get much colder in the coming months, so stay cozy and stylish in this oversized fluffy knit.

4. The Marabou Socks

Marabou '90s Fluffy Socks, $11, ASOS

It's getting to that time of the year when we have to swap our favorite sandals for shoes and socks. We may as well make the most of it and wear some super sweet socks like this pair with a marabou feather trim.

5. The Darling Mint Green Bag

River Island Mint Fluffy Crossbody Bag, $54, ASOS

This divine mint green, fluffy bag will add an air of sophistication to any look. The shade reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream and the texture looks a little like cotton candy. It's a shame there isn't a dessert that looks like this bag, as I bet it would taste awesome. If green isn't your color, you can also pick the same style up in an "Apricot" shade for the same price. Or, if you're feeling a little greedy, why not get both?

6. The Fluffy Boudoir Heels

Fifi Faux Fur Fluffy Barely There Heels, $50, Boohoo

Come over all vintage glam and slip on a pair of these sumptuous, fluffy heels that would be perfect for a pinup shoot. A touch of fluff can lend an elegant nod to many an outfit and these black heels are sure to match with most garments, ensuring you can inject some sophistication into your ensemble at a moment's notice.

7. The Feather Trim Crop Top

Crop Top With Yellow Feather Trim, $19, ASOS

Keep it light as you transition into autumn with this white crop top with a yellow trim. Remember days at the beach as you wear this cute top that is embellished with pretty, pastel colored ice cream buttons. Pair it with an awesome colored lipstick such as a lemon yellow shade or a minty green color and you'll look a treat. It's available in sizes 4 to 18.

8. The Fluffy Platforms

Ashish X Topshop Platform Sandals, $100, Topshop

A Topshop designer collaboration is always fun, as proven by these quirky platforms. These sandals are a great way to transition between seasons. If it's a little cooler outside, you can always pair them with some cute socks such as the aforementioned marabou trim pair.

9. The Plus Size Fluffy Cape

Women's Faux Fox Fur Trim Hooded Cape Plus Size, $86, Amazon

This luxurious cape would be perfect for the coming winter season. Pair this decadent cape with a pair of on trend knee high boots and you've got next season in the bag. If you want to go all out Clueless, you can choose a red cape with a black trim, reminiscent of Cher's red jacket.

Embrace this feel good trend and fall in love with fluff this fall!

Images: Courtesy Brands; Giphy