Astrology Says Ashley I. & Jared Are Meant To Be

It has been less than a month since Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise debuted, and the Bachelor spinoff's second installment has wasted no time bestowing viewers with some sizzling chemistry. In case you missed it, Chris Soules' former castoff, Ashley Iaconetti, waited approximately two seconds before proclaiming her unbridled lust for fellow contestant — and Aladdin lookalike — Jared Haibon, who first stole many a heart as a genial heartthrob on Kaitlyn Bristowe's Bachelorette. Although Jared was slow to reciprocate Ashley's ardor, last week's episode concluded with some true swagger on Jared's part, when he sidled up to the oft-teary Ashley and finally, finally planted a big smooch on her waiting lips. Woohoo!

Avid BiP viewers likely remember Ashley's previous theory on why she and Jared are meant to be. The former Bachelor contestant drew from astrology to explain why Jared is the Aladdin to her Jasmine. Ashley is a Pisces and Jared is a Scorpio, and — according to Ashley — "Pisces statistically marry Scorpios more than any other astrological sign." I don't recall there ever being any type of study or survey on that, but judging from the sparks that ignited between the two on last week's episode, she may be on to something.

As a staunch supporter of BiP and daily horoscopes, I have taken it upon myself to investigate why Ashley and Jared may truly be a match made in zodiac heaven.

1. A Breakdown: Pisces & Scorpio

This probably comes as no surprise to Ashley fans, but — as zodiac signs go — Pisces are one of the most sensitive. Sometimes their emotions can cause others to be perplexed by their behavior, but dreamy Pisces also enchant many with their compassion and creativity. They tend to be introverted and appreciate being nurtured.

As for Scorpios, they tend to share Pisces' interest in staying in over going out, but also possess an intensity and possessiveness that is in opposition of Pisces' passive avoidance. Scorpios are usually leaders instead of followers, and enjoy being in control of situations. Although one would be wise to avoid getting on a Scorpio's bad side (forgiveness is not their forte), those who fall under the sign tend to be very protective and loving toward those they care about.

2. Sexual Compatibility

When it comes to — ahem — fornication, Scorpios know what's up. They have a prominent reputation for possessing the most sexual acumen of any sign, so congrats to anyone dating a Scorpio out there. Pisces may be a bit more reclusive in the bedroom, but they are also known to be very generous.

In a nutshell, these two would likely complement each other when it comes to intimacy.

3. Friendship Compatibility

Every good relationship tends to have a foundation of friendship that leads to trust and longevity. Both Scorpios and Pisces tend to be introspective, longing for subdued activities over wild nights at the bar. There can be a downside to this shared characteristic, as the two are so similar that they may experience boredom in the friendship domain. Still, their intuition and intelligence can also lead to late night conversations and, you know, some awesome Netflix binging — a staple of any great friendship.

4. Dating Compatibility

When it comes to dating, Pisces and Scorpios are one of the best matches. These two complement each other perfectly. Scorpio's protective nature makes Pisces feel appreciated, and Pisces' harmonious disposition can calm some of Scorpio's intensity.

5. Long-Term

While Pisces' whimsical nature and creativity is likely to be appreciated by Scorpio, Scorpio's leadership will coax Pisces out of her shell. These two help create balance in each other's lives, which offers potential for longevity in a relationship.

6. The Verdict

Astrologically speaking, these two have the potential to be in it for the long haul. It looks like Ashley really does have a shrewd understanding of zodiac compatibility.

Whether or not Ashley and Jared prove to be a true match outside of horoscopy remains to be seen, but the stars seem to be in their favor. I guess we'll just have to stay tuned.

Images: Bob D'Amico/ABC; Giphy (4)