Can't Wait For Fall? Then You'll Definitely Relate

As a kid, summer was hands down my favorite season, for all the obvious kid-related reasons — summer vacation, pool parties, and the Fourth of July are pretty hard to beat when you're little. But I've always loved fall, too, and the older I get, the more I fall in love with this magical (and heartbreakingly short) season. Not only does fall feel like a fresh start to me more than the new year ever does, the world around (most of) us literally starts changing colors, clothes get cuter, drinks get tastier, soup starts to sound good again, and we get to enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving (two holidays that are primarily about eating good food) back-to-back. Plus, as much as it sucks when fall is over, it just means we get to jump right into celebrating the winter holidays.

It's basically the perfect season, and I'm not alone in that opinion — 29 percent of American chose autumn as their favorite time of year, making it the most popular season in America. So every year, no matter how much I try to stay in the moment and enjoy the last leg of summer, I just can't wait for fall to arrive.

If visions of pumpkin spice lattes and chunky sweaters are already dancing in your head despite the August heat, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. Here are eight things you'll relate to if you can't wait for fall to get here.

1. You Can't Stop Obsessing Over Fall TV Premieres

Summer's fictional TV options are notoriously sucky. If you like Big Brother or The Bachelor, then at least you have something to watch — but for those of us who just aren't that into reality TV, fall premieres are like the oasis at the end of summer's vast narrative TV wasteland. Personally, I'm counting down the days until we get to see how crazy Schmidt gets about planning his wedding (poor CeCe!), and if Mindy Lahiri will somehow be even more awesome as a mama.

2. It's 90 Degrees Outside, But You Can't Stop Thinking About Sweaters...

It's still peak crop top weather, and I do love crop tops — but all I can think about are how many gorgeous, chunky sweaters and stylish sweatshirts there are on my Pinterest boards. I seriously just want to go on a sweater-buying shopping spree. I want to raid every H&M's sweater section, and then wear a sweater every day for the next six months. I want to live in a sweater. I want to wear sweaters while drinking hot tea. I want to put on a sweater, curl up on the couch with my cat, and watch Harry Potter for hours. Are you with me?

3. ...And Boots...

It's way too hot to be thinking about boots, too. But I can't help myself, and you probably can't either. Who doesn't love boots? They're comfy, they're cute, and they go with literally everything. Plus, boots kind of make you feel like a bad ass adventurer the second you put them on. (Even if you're just going to Target. You know, to buy more sweaters.)

4. ...And Scarves!

Ah, scarves. The cozy neck sweaters that hold the rest of our fall ensembles together. I love everything about them. Wearing them, looking at them in shops, buying them in shops — it's all very good. It even makes me happy to spot a beautiful scarf on a stranger and then compliment said stranger on their taste in scarves. Hell, just the act of tying a scarf is fun. It doesn't matter that it's still too hot and humid outside for me to even wear my hair down without risking some serious neck sweat; I've been ready for scarf season for weeks now. And if you love fall, so have you. I cannot wait to put on my favorite scarf, pair it with my favorite sweater, and then round the whole look out with my favorite pair of boots. Can you?

5. You Already Have Your Halloween Costume Picked Out

Even if you end up changing your mind a couple dozen times before the big day gets here, you've probably had your Halloween costume picked out for weeks now. I know I have. I'm definitely going to go as Piper Chapman. Unless I go as Beatrix Kiddo. Or a cat. Okay, so I'm not entirely set on my costume. But my point is this, it's August and I can't stop thinking about Halloween.

6. You're Freaking Out Over When The PSL Is Coming Back

Say what you will, but the pumpkin spice latte is delicious, and it's not just for basics. But, whatever, being basic is okay, too. Either way, the PSL is amazing, and if you've been eagerly awaiting its return like I have, I feel for you. Stay strong. We should be able to taste Starbucks' genius, spicy, pumpkin-y, creation again in no time.

7. You're Already Craving Hot Soups

It is 100 percent too soon to eat anything hot without feeling completely disgusting during the process. At least, it is for me. But I love hot soups, and I pretty much live off of the stuff every fall (and winter), so I'm already craving them super hard. If you can't wait for fall, then you're probably right there with me.

8. You've Started Planning Out Your Fall/Winter Reading Lineup

Knowing the days are going to start getting shorter and colder (even if that won't happen for a couple of months) has probably got you making lists of all the books you want to read the second fall gets here. I feel like most of us would agree that reading is just more fun and magical in the fall, when there aren't all those pool parties and music festivals to distract us. And since going outside in the winter is torture (unless you live in California or the Deep South), I really don't think you can start planning your literary escapes too soon. So let's just keep adding books to our lists, and then let's read the crap out of them, okay? Because it'll be reading-list-composing, soup-eating, PSL-chugging weather any second now, guys. Any second.

Images: Rula Sibai/ Unsplash; Giphy/(8)