What Does Zingbot Have In Store For 'BB17'?

The most wonderful time of the year is approaching. No, not Christmas. Zingbot is back! Zingbot 3000 will appear on Big Brother 17 this week with his uncanny ability to hit the houseguests right where it hurts. Zingbot has made some absolutely jaw-dropping zings over the years, and with this year's cornucopia of quirky houseguests it looks like he'll have no shortage of material to draw from. What topics can we expect Zingbot to address when he makes his momentous return?

Zingbot's return to the Big Brother house is always a reason to celebrate, as it helps the houseguests come back down to Earth and remember that the world is bigger than the house. Last year's zinging was especially notable for calling out Christine's flirty friendship with Cody, and I'm really hoping Zingbot follows that up with a similar jab at Austin. It is unfortunate that Zingbot is too late to make fun of the houseguests who have already left. It would've been nice to see some quips about Clelli, Audrey's antics, or how forgettable Jeff turned out to be. Zingbot has, however, brought his zinging talents to Twitter where he has been taking on past houseguests in preparation for his return to the Big Brother house. Luckily for us, that means we have this great Jace zing to enjoy:

Oh, Zingbot. It's good to have you back.

Here are a few zing topics I'd like to see come up when Zingbot makes his way into the house:


"Nice Ponytail Beard, Austin. Why couldn't you have you gotten rid of it when you came into the house the same way you got rid of... your girlfriend! ZING!"


"You may be the prankster of the house, but you're getting pranked harder than anyone if you really think you have a shot ... with Meg! ZING!"


"You may be able to fill cavities, but it's too bad that there is nothing that can fill the holes...in your social game! ZING!"

Liz & Julia

"We finally figured out how to tell you two apart. Here's a hint, houseguests... Check the necks! ZING!"


"Sorry you can't win any competitions this summer... including the one for Clay's heart! ZING!"


"Good job staying faithful to the #1 lady in your life when you came into the Big Brother house. What was her name again?...MOM? ZING!"


"If you ever have trouble finding someone in the house, remember that they're right where you put them... under the bus! ZING"

If these are the types of zings that can be thought up by amateur zingsters, just imagine how juicy the zings will be when they are coming from the undisputed master of Big Brother zings! If we get a Zing half as good as Frankie Grande's from BB16, it'll be a great episode.

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