Miley Cyrus' Best & Worst 2015 MTV VMAs Jokes Prove She Was Totally The Right Choice For This Gig

Just by being herself, Miley Cyrus is hysterical: From her bonkers fashion sense to her insistence on sticking her tongue out all the darn time to her general attitude, she makes absurdist comedy gold. And, as was to be expected, Miley Cyrus' jokes at the 2015 MTV VMAs were, for the most part, genuinely great. But, it's worth wondering what her best and worst jokes really were. Like, sure, she's a riot when she's riding a fluffy little cat across a green screen, but how does she fare when it comes to traditional stand-up?

Though Cyrus is no stranger to putting on a show at music's weirdest night (who can forget the Robin Thicke twerk-fest of 2013?), Sunday night was especially big for her. Not only did she blow our minds with her surprise album release and that totally mesmerizing finale performance (that did ALL just happen, by the way); this year's VMAs broadcast marks Cyrus' first emcee gig at the notorious awards show, and hopefully not her last. Sure, the ceremony has traditionally been hosted by a comedian in previous years, some of whom have included Chris Rock, Chelsea Handler, Eddie Murphy, and Russell Brand, but maybe this will inspire a change. Cyrus was hilarious, as well as strongest when being old-school weird and making some well-meaning fun of herself.

Of course, there were some moments that were greeted with crickets. Without further ado, let's break down all of those quips — the good, the bad, and the absolute nonsensical.

The Good:

"I took a year off from music to devote myself to my truest passion. Instagram."


It's funny because we're ALL in on the joke. She's crazy on Instagram, we're crazy for her being crazy on Instagram. It's a win-win!

"Let's go teepee Meek Mill's house... No. You're right. He's been through enough."


Referencing the Drake and Meek Mill feud, she speaks this line to her crew in one of many sketches she did throughout the night. Topical humor!

"If anyone wants to know where I got this delicious treat... Mike Will made it."


When taking a bite of a rice krispie treat, she gives her buddy Mike Will Made It a friendly shout out. It's a well-crafted dad joke if there ever was one.

The Bad:

“Have you guys seen those nipples? I mean, I am jealous of the baby that comes out of there.”


Sorry. Ew.

"Everybody say marijuana on three... 1... 2... 3... marijuana!"


Mmmmkay, Milez. We get it. You love Mary Jane.

"We've got some new artists in here. We also got a couple of old ones. You know who you are, dad!"


Miley, we love Dad jokes, but you could be less corny?

The Ridiculous:

"Hey Justin! Call me when you're legal."


Following Justin Bieber's tear-inducing performance, Cyrus pulled out this quip, which made literally no sense. Cyrus is 22, and Bieber is 21. Both are legal! Also, they're basically the same age.

"Nothing says turnt like Hailee Steinfeld."


Miley could have a career in comedy writing. This sounds like a Billy on the Street joke to me, and I like it.

“Trump, you had my vote, but now Kanye West for president.”


First of all, she'd NEVER vote for Trump, so that's some well-used sarcasm. But, on the other hand — now we all know that Kanye's presidential campaign is definitely gonna become a real thing...

Cyrus for MTV VMAs host 2016!

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