13 Lovely "Get Ready With Me" Videos From YouTube

by Melodi Erdogan

Going out is the perfect excuse to set aside an hour or two for quality "me" time. What better way to spend that time than by tuning into some of your favorite beauty vloggers on YouTube and their Get Ready With Me videos? YouTube, after all, is the answer to almost every beauty question I have ever had. So warm up your computer and break out your makeup bag, because beauty vlogs for a night out will help you get the party started.

I honestly don't know any other way to get ready besides the 'tube. For almost every single event that I have to attend, I've set aside a few hours of preparation time. I know "hours" sounds a little crazy, but let's be real: Leisurely getting ready for an event is sometimes more enjoyable than the event itself. With the help of Get Ready With Me vlogs, those few hours are always spent wisely. Even if I do blow most of the allotted time on trying to decide which smoky eye is best smoky eye, experimenting with your makeup before walking out the door is the heart and soul of getting ready.

No matter the type of event you're attending or the kind of look you're going for, there's bound to be a tutorial on YouTube for it. Here are just 13 to check out before your next outing. Don't be surprised if you end up watching and re-watching all of them.

1. Kylie Jenner Inspired

Like vlogger Chloe Morello pointed out in this video, the Kylie Jenner look is old news by now. That doesn't, however, detract from the fact that it is absolutely gorgeous. With tricks on how to make your lips fuller, cover up a cold sore, and perfect that classic Kylizzle contouring, this video is informative and entertaining.

2. Mauve

Another look reminiscent of Kylie Jenner was created by Carli Bybel. Sticking to products with a mauve, brownish-pink tone, the beauty look is both subdued and glamorous — pretty without being too much of a statement. Bybel looks so gorgeous at the end of this GRWM video that it's impossible not to want to at least try the look for your next night out.

3. Autumnal

As the weather gets colder and colder, your lipstick will likely get darker and darker. Once that happens, Tanya Burr is your go-to. While I would more than happily watch her whole channel, it's her dark-eyed, berry lip tutorials that have me clicking "re-watch" every couple of evenings. Or, you know, every couple of minutes.

4. Summery Vibes

If you're a warm-weather kind of person, then this is the tutorial for you. Although I do love a deep berry lip, I also adore a bright, colorful one. MakeupByAlli creates a great version with a matte orange paired with a shimmery eye and an awesome flawless foundation application. Who even cares if you wear orange lipstick in the middle of November for a special event? If you like, that's all that matters.

5. Red Lip

Not many people can blend eyeshadows as well as Lauren Curtis. Taped as a recommendation for an "ultra glam special occasion," this tutorial shows you how to perfect a base, get your eyeliner even on both sides, and apply a flawless red lip. Be prepared to learn so many makeup tips.

6. Metallic Smoky Eye

If you've already mastered a black or brown smoky eye, you need to graduate to the metallic version. Teni Panosian is a perfect tutor to learn from, considering her steps are always simple yet offer stunning results. I love this look because it's edgy with some added glamour, without being too heavy on the eyes.

7. Dramatic Winged Liner

From brushing her teeth to applying the last swipe of lip gloss, Desi Perkins takes you through her whole date night process in this GRWM video. Date nights are usually meant to be fun, relaxed events, so the makeup can range from super natural to super quirky. Perkins ups the ante on her look with dramatic winged liner, plush false lashes, and two — yes, two — layers of lip gloss.

8. Glitter

By the end of this video, you will be convinced that Amber Renee is a queen of glitter. She's basically glowing on your computer screen, looking absolutely stunning in a black and gold smoky eye with a neutral lip. Renee attended a formal event that evening, but I think this beauty look could be pretty for any kind of nighttime setting.

9. Day To Night

This one is for those days when you just don't have time to go home and change your makeup look. With help from Shaaanxo, you'll be able to do your makeup in the morning, pack a few essentials in your bag, and quickly apply those products before the night begins. Changing your makeup look from day to night is no longer a guessing game.

10. Clubbing

Going clubbing is one of times when you can really pack on the makeup and no one will have anything to say about it. Even though clubs are hot, sticky, and sweaty, they're the perfect reason to go all out with eyeliner, lashes, and lots and lots of sparkles.

11. False Lashes

First of all, Stephanie Bailey is adorable. Second of all, her tutorials are amazing. She's super fun and informative, yet she's also unapologetically honest about every step she takes to create her looks. If she grabs the wrong brush, she'll tell you. If she loves that shade of lipstick, she'll tell you. And if she says this is a perfect makeup look for a special occasion, she's telling the truth.

12. Dewy

A soft, naturally glowing look is one that many of us wish we could wake up with. From watching Jaclyn Hill in this tutorial, it's evident that she clearly knows her way around dewy.

13. Gold Eyes

Gold is truly a fool-proof eyeshadow shade. As InTheFrow proves, it's also effortlessly glamorous no matter your outfit or hairdo. She does a flawless foundation and a thick cat eye with a beautiful gold shade on her eyes, and it's beyond pretty.

It's safe to say that I'll be trying these all out myself as soon as humanly possible. Now all I need is 13 parties or dates to go on, and life will be peachy.

Images: Shaaanxo/YouTube