Update Your Old 'GoT' Costume For Halloween 2015

by Caroline Gerdes

Game of Thrones isn’t just a television show to a lot of people — it’s often their favorite television show and book franchise. With the GoT Season 6 premiere ahead of us, that means that there have already been four Halloweens with the HBO show in the zeitgeist — so, a lot of us probably have a GoT costume ready to go in our closets. So, here’s how you can break out an old Game Of Thrones Halloween costume and update it for 2015.

A lot has changed in Westeros, especially in this most recent season. And, for the most part, the television characters have caught up to the book, or taken a detour and woven a parallel storyline. And, a lot of these catch-ups and twists occurred in the fifth season, often altering the likeness of the characters. From the dagger in Jon Snow’s side to Arya’s eyes, there need to be some adjustments made to last year’s costumes.

So, if you have a GoT costume in your closet that’s so 2014, have no fear. We’re here to help you update your Westeros wardrobe and take on Halloween in an accurate costume. Here’s how to update your Game of Thrones costume for Halloween 2015.

If You Were Jon Snow Last Year...

Add a dagger to your stomach with a plastic sword — watch the tutorial below to learn how!

Or, if your in the "he's dead" camp, be Zombie Jon Snow — better yet, opt for White Walker Jon Snow! Find cheap makeup in the Halloween section of your local grocery store or pharmacy, or buy online and go to town!

If You Were Arya Last Year...

So, Arya is blind — hopefully temporarily. To update your wardrobe, you are going to need some costume contacts. These white and silver costume contacts mimic Arya's milky eyes.

If You Were Daenerys Last Year...

The costume will still work, but you may want to bring a shield... or some bodyguards to reflect her battle-heavy Season 5.

If You Were Sansa Last Year

Break out you winter Westeros gear. Try adding a fur stole. This one is less than $10 on Amazon!

If You Were Cersei Last Year...

Take the blonde wig you had last year and give it a haphazard pixie cut. And, instead of a pretty dress, you are going to need a dirty burlap tunic, so buy a burlap sack and cut arm and head holes — we're talking $5 for a Halloween costume.

If You Were Margaery Last Year

You are going to need some handcuffs. These plastic shackles seem pretty accurate.

If You Were Bran Last Year

You’re probably staying in on Halloween this year. Here's to the young Stark being in Season 6!

Images: Macall B. Polay, Helen Sloan/HBO (4); Giphy (4), Amazon (5), Aclens