9 'Harry Potter' Costumes For The Truest Of Fans

Halloween just wouldn't be Halloween without re-watching at least one of the Harry Potter movies. Major Potterheads may even want to take their love of the wizarding world one step further by dressing up in bewitching Harry Potter Halloween costumes this year. Yes, some of you out there may want to go down the classic route and dress up as Harry Potter himself, but if you want to impress your friends who love the books and movies just as much as you do, then you might want to go for something a little more unusual.

Some people may be planning on wearing awesome Harry Potter apparel on Halloween, but if you're a super fan like me — who still hopes to be transformed into a teen witch and be the girl BFF Hermione never had — then why not go big like an Engorgement Charm? If you want to take things one step further, I'm sure one of the funnest ways you can celebrate your love of Harry's world is by hosting a Harry Potter Halloween party. As well as all of the fun recipes and crafts you get to try out, you could also organize a group Potter themed costume for you and a couple of friends.

The opportunities for a great Harry Potter themed costume are as endless as your imagination, so brew up some inspiration by checking out these awesome costumes that only the truest Potter-loving friends will appreciate.

1. Harry & Fawkes

This is a great combination for couples, considering Fawkes the phoenix turned out to be a great pal to Harry. If you dress up as Fawkes and people are a little unsure of who you are, grab your Harry and the pieces of the puzzle should come together. If they still look confused, they're obviously not as big a Harry Potter fan as you thought they were.

For those who want to channel Harry, a Hogwarts robe forms the basis of his costume. Just draw on a lightening bolt scar, pop on some glasses, and your costume will be complete.

Harry Potter Robe Adult Costume, $32, Amazon

Base your Fawkes costume around an extravagant feather headpiece in fiery colors. Pair it with a floaty outfit in similar shades and don't forget some face paint.

Fire Phoenix Ostrich Feather Showgirl Headdress, $26, Etsy

2. The Patronus

Not only is this an ethereal and beautiful costume to wear come All Hallow's Eve, but only mega fans will know who you are. This particular Patronus obviously belongs to Harry, but if you want to put an even more unique spin on your costume, you could dress as one of the other characters' Patronuses — perhaps Ron's Jack Russell Terrier or Hermione's otter. Whichever Patronus you pick, just make sure you wear silvery clothes and makeup and you'll have your outfit sorted in no time.

This ethereal silver dress would be a fantastic choice for a fashion conscious Patronus. You could even add animal-inspired accessories to complete the look.

Boutique Khloe Metallic Pleated Keyhole Maxi Dress, $52, Boohoo

Similarly, this shimmering, sparkly dress is sure to add a magical vibe to your Patronus costume.

ASOS Curve '70s Plunge Glitter Body-Conscious Dress With Asymmetric Hem, $63, ASOS

This is a subtle nod to both Ron and your love of dogs.

Jack Russel Terrier Dog Necklace, $50, E tsy

You might not be able to be Hermione Granger's BFF, but you can at least wear her Patronus on your sleeve (or chest).

Pewter Large Sea Otter Necklace, $26, Etsy

3. The Golden Snitch

The tiny Golden Snitch ends up playing an important role in Harry's life. It all starts with one of his early encounters with it, when he almost swallows it during his first Quidditch match. Creating a Golden Snitch costume is not only a great project for crafters, but also those who recognize the importance of great things in small packages.

Women's Shiny Metallic Tank Unitard Liquid Sleeveless Catsuit, $25, Amazon

This gleaming, golden catsuit is a must-have for any aspiring Golden Snitches out there. It's available in sizes S to 2X, or alternatively it can be made to measure. Get crafting some wings or spray some white angel wings gold to achieve a head-to-toe golden look. The best thing about this costume is that you'll also be giving off glam Bond girl vibes, so you needn't worry about pulling a Cady Heron at this year's Halloween party.

4. Freda & Georgina Weasley

For a truly original Harry Potter themed couples or BFFs costume, channel the gender swapped Weasley twins. Just grab your girlfriend, boyfriend, or bestie and make sure to order two of everything, including red wigs if you're not a natural redhead. Make sure to stick with each other all day/night and don't forget to finish each others' sentences.

Official Warner Bros. Harry Potter Gryffindor Cardigan, $91, Lochaven Internationl

This Gryffindor cardigan is the real deal. The icing on the cake is that this design is available in sizes XXS to XXL.

Orange Is The New Black Red Wig, $17, Spirit Halloween

This wig might have been inspired by Orange Is The New Black, but with it you'll have everyone believing you're a Weasley.

5. Dolores Umbridge

If pink is your color and you adore cats and fine china, you're probably going to want to channel the wicked Dolores Umbridge.

Vintage Roses in Bloom Floral Hat, $50, Etsy

Start your Dolores costume with an OTT pink floral hat. Etsy has a great selection, including this vintage 1960s style.

Traffic People Cloud Watching Jacquard Jacket, $47, ASOS

An Umbridge outfit is not complete without a formal pink jacket like this jacquard one.

Jones New York Women's Snap Jacket, $110, Amazon

Boucle is also a great material to wear when it comes to Dolores and her vintage inspired taste.

Dolores Umbridge Wig, $32, Amazon

Finish off your look with a Dolores-approved curly bob.

6. Dobby

IMO, Dobby is the kindest and most loveable creature in the entire Harry Potter series. His costume is super easy to put together. All you need is a pair of elf ears and a sack-like dress. If you want to go even further with it, you could don a dashing bald cap to add a realistic House Elf vibe to your look.

Latex Elf Ears Unisex, $5, Amazon; Nude Colored Bed Sheet, $19, Target

Sport a pair of endearing elf ears like Dobby and get ready to take scissors to a nude-colored bed sheet, making sure to tie the shoulders in knots to replicate Dobby's sack.

Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince Deluxe Dobby Mask, $36.74, Toys "R" Us

More intense fans can actually opt for a full Dobby mask.

Boutique Olivia Eyelet Tie Side Shift Dress, $18, Boohoo

If you don't feel like taking scissors to bed sheets, opt for a nude-colored dress in a baggy or loose fit. You won't want to look too put together, so something minimalistic should be your go-to.

Plus Lola Pannelled Midi Dress, $40, Boohoo

Getting something that looks like a cross between a nightie and a T-shirt dress is also an option.

7. Hedwig

When I was younger, I always wanted my own familiar like Hedwig — a loyal and intelligent creature who I could rely on. Sadly, I didn't ever get my invitation to Hogwarts so I'll just have to channel some chic avian vibes instead.

Snowy White Owl Mask, $95, Etsy

Choose a decadent feather mask such as this snowy owl eye one. Wear it with a feminine white frock to metamorphose into an elegant Hedwig.

Boleyn Dress in White Lace, $89, Chubby Cartwheels

Get yourself an ethereal white dress to channel your favorite owl.

ASOS Border Lace Cold Shoulder Dress, $68, ASOS

You can even opt for a slightly quirkier design, so long as the hue of the dress is emblematic of Hedwig's fur.

8. Bellatrix Lestrange

Perhaps the lure of the Dark Arts is more appealing to you than the goody two shoes Hogwarts students? If so, then Bellatrix could be the perfectly poisonous villainess for you to portray this Halloween. Wear a gothic black dress, mess your hair up (invest in a dark wig if you have light hair), and get yourself a wand to complete her spooky look. For a more glamorous effect, wear smoky eye makeup to add a frighteningly feminine appeal to your ensemble.

Royal Bones By Tripp Black Lace Sleeve Salem Dress, $49, Hot Topic

This gorgeously gothic dress is vital to complete an eerie Ms. Lestrange ensemble, and it's available in a range of sizes from XS to 3X.

Bellatrix Lestrange's Wand, $34, The Harry Potter Shop

Add some authenticity to the look with an exact replica of Bellatrix's wand.

Bellatrix Lestrange Wig, $25, City Costume Wigs

Finish the look off with the aforementioned dark wig. Bellatrix's locks are as wild and crazy and she is, after all.

9. Harry Puppy

Dog Costume Harry Potter Inspired, $50, Etsy

To really wow your guests, give your party the cute factor by introducing them to Harry Puppy, a new First Year attending Hogwoofs. Everyone loves a happy puppy in a costume, especially a Harry Potter themed one.

Have an enchanting Halloween!

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