Enchanting Fashion & Jewelry For Aspiring Witches

Witches have been gracing our screens for decades and terrorizing our fairytales for hundreds of years. Whether you believe in them or just enjoy the stories, charming fashion for aspiring witches is something that everyone should be able to appreciate. Given the magical history of witches in pop culture, it only makes sense that we should appreciate them via spooky clothing and accessories.

Once, witches were frightening creatures who would kidnap children and trap them in paintings or transform them into mice. See: Roald Dahl's novel The Witches and the movie of the same name). Then came Hocus Pocus with its comedic trio of spell-casting sisters who made light of the scary stereotype, but whose mission was to lure children away with a hypnotic song in order to suck the life force out of them. Since then, teen witches took over and eased us into a charming love affair. There was Sabrina the Teenage Witch , Willow of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the edgy outsiders of The Craft, the siblings of Charmed, Hermione Granger, and more recently Bonnie Bennett of The Vampire Diaries . I could go on. Witches of the near future look even more promising such as Cara Delevingne in her dark yet vulnerable role as Enchantress in Suicide Squad, proving that witches, like women, are multi-faceted.

Modern witches can be kind, powerful, and brave, so here's a bunch of enchanting fashions and jewelry for witches in training.

1. The Pun-ny Pajamas

Just because witches are cool doesn't mean they can't also have a sense of humor. This witch inspired night set will have you cackling to yourself each time you spot yourself in a mirror.

Lily Witch Slogan Vest And Shorts Night Set, $20,

2. The Spider Web Leggings

Witches are synonymous with spider webs and creepy crawlies which they might include in their potions. These cobweb leggings should go down a treat with aspiring witches.

Asos Curve Halloween Leggings in Cobweb Print, $33,

3. The Spell Book Pendant

Witches past and present have proven that a witch is nothing without her spell book, so keep yours close to your heart with this adorable spell book pendant.

The Spell Book For Babes Necklace In Lilac, $19.07,

4. The Velvet Dress

This blood red, velvet dress is perfect for magical maidens. It's even got cross pattern embellishment on the chest to ward away evil spirits.

Tilly Velvet Dress With Cross Detail Embellishment, $14,

5. The Batwing Pullover

Be inspired by one of the most badass bewitching babes of all time: Maleficent. This Disney pullover is inspired by Maleficent and her dark fairy attire and it's available in sizes S/M and L/X.

Disney Maleficent Bat Wing Pullover, $49.50,

6. The Witch's Hat Headband

Add a modern flourish to the traditional witch's hat with this headband which includes a feminine veil and a black bloom.

Witch Headband, $22,

7. The Charming Choker

Hop aboard 2015's choker trend with this charming pumpkin and witch design. It will add a vibrant splash of color to the dark wardrobe of a witch.

Suzywan Deluxe Halloween Pumpkin & Witch Choker Necklace, $37,

8. The Teen Witch Sweater

If like me you dream of channelling teen witches in adulthood, now you can with this cute yet slightly creepy sweater.

Asos Sweater with Halloween Teen Witch Slogan, $54,

9. The Eerily Embroidered Slippers

Add a spooky skip to your step with these frighteningly fashionable slippers.

Spooky Embroidered Slippers, $40,

10. The Subtly Scary Smile

This little black dress seems normal enough from the front but when you turn your back on your enemies, they may start to wonder if you've left them with a haunting hex.

Asos Skeleton Cut Out Back Halloween Mini Dress, $51,

11. The Mean Girls Inspired Necklace

If The Plastics had been teen witches I'm guaranteed they would have each worn this necklace on hump day. Get one for each of the awesome gals in your coven to rock some dark Mean Girls vibes.

Round 'On Wednesdays We Wear Black' Glass Dome Pendant Necklace, $13.50,

12. The Skeletal Jumpsuit

It's fair to say that some witches may still be in contact with the undead and if you're anything like Winifred Sanderson, you may even have an undead ex-boyfriend. This jumpsuit is playful and spooky; traits an aspiring witch ought to encompass.

Asos Curve Halloween Bodyfit Jumpsuit With Skeleton Hands, $45,

13. The Kitty Hair Pin

A witch is nothing without her familiar and although you may not be able to take yours with you everywhere you go, you can certainly wear this cat hair pin to remind you of your beloved feline.

Clio Cat Hair Pin, $12,

14. The Spellbinding Flute Sleeved Dress

Put a spell on all those who set eyes upon you in this beautiful panelled dress.

Plus Willow Lace Panelled Flute Sleeve Dress, $30,

15. The Witch In Training Necklace

Warn your fellow broomstick riders that you're in training with this quirky broomstick necklace.

Witch In Training Necklace, $15.99,

16. The Glow In The Dark Grin Tights

Give everyone the spooks in this haunting hosiery.

Asos Curve Halloween Glow In The Dark Pumpkin Design Tights, $14.50,

17. The Traditional Witch's Boots

Conjure up images of historical witches in these traditional witchy boots.

Mistress Ghillie Boots, $160,

Start revamping your wardrobe to look like a real witch in training.

Images: Courtesy Brands (17)