Easy Kim Kardashian Halloween Makeup Ideas

by Melodi Erdogan

When it comes to Halloween costumes, there's lots of variety for those who want something scary, silly, or witty. But what if you want an easy, pretty costume that's still recognizable? There's really only one answer: a Kim Kardashian Halloween costume. Because with minimal effort and basic makeup products, you can create a spot-on Kardashian look that works even when it's not Oct. 31.

Every year, I dread getting asked the question "what are you going to be for Halloween?" I'm simply not clever enough to come up with a funny costume, not daring enough to opt for a scary one, and not dedicated enough to turn myself into a favorite fictional character. But this year, I'm embracing my strengths and approaching things from a different angle. Kim Kardashian is the perfect Halloween costume! Her look is so recognizable, and it's easy to put together her makeup look with products that most of us already own, plus there are lots of tutorials on YouTube to help you nail her techniques. And really — who wouldn't kill to be Kim Kardashian for one night?

So store your fake blood and donate that Princess Jasmine costume you have had in your closet since the 7th grade — you can perfect the Kim K makeup look in seven easy steps.

This is going to be your most Instagram-worthy costume yet.

1. Flawless Foundation

Step one is crucial. Flawless foundation is the key to any Kardashian makeup look. Kim K's face always looks blemish-free, which is great for her, but a little daunting to anyone who has less experience (or less professional help) with base application. But fear not! Teni Panosian has your back. She'll show you how to get a flawless face without caking on foundation or powder.

2. Contouring

The second step to achieving the Kardashian look for Halloween is becoming a contouring expert. This is easily one of the most important parts to acing the look. Follow GlamBoothTV's step-by-step directions to highlight, contour, and set the perfect foundation for your makeup.

3. Eyebrows

As you can probably tell from the photo from above, Kardashian is not subtle about her eyebrows. They're thick and unapologetically bold. Get your eyebrows on fleek with a little extra effort, courtesy of Desi Perkins tutorial. They really do make a difference!Try and mimic Kardashian's shape as well to get her same look.

4. Highlighting

Kardashian always looks like a beautiful disco ball due to her flawless highlighting application. Yes, some of that is done during the contouring stage, but there's a lot more to it. Leslie Alvarado (who looks eerily like Kardashian herself) shows her viewers how to get that Instagram-worthy highlight in all the right places.

5. Eyes

A bronzed, gold smokey eye is a perfect for achieving that Kardashian look for Halloween. Since gold is such a universal color, you won't regret adding this shade to your makeup bag if you don't already have it! Follow KathleenLight's lead with some dark brown shades and a shimmering bronze hue to achieve a girly, alluring eyeshadow look. I can guarantee you'll want to bookmark this video for daily life, too.

6. Lashes

You can't forget eye lashes! Mascara alone won't cut it, so invest in some luscious false lashes and follow ItsMyRayeRaye's directions to apply them. With her lead, you'll make your lashes look as natural — and as bodacious — as possible.

7. Lips

Depending on what kind of Kardashian look you're going for, you could either go red, nude, or super dark with your lip color. Something neutral is a pretty safe bet, since Kardashian mostly wears nude shades. Laura Lee provides detailed lip application instructions in this video, and she gives tips on the best way to finish off the look. Notice how she mixed the lip liner with the matte lip shade to get that perfectly mauve lip color?

Now, all that's left to do is take a killer Instagram photo. And maybe you'll even get a selfie book deal out of it?

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