How To Show Your Partner Size Doesn't Matter

As is the case with all body parts, penises come in different sizes — there are small penises, big penises, and average-sized penises; no size is the “right” size, so thinking otherwise is doing both you and your partner a disservice. However, we live in a society where having a “big dick” is somehow equated to better sex, and because of that, far too many people focus on this "size matters" nonsense.

But just because your partner has a small penis, it doesn’t mean that great sex isn’t in your future. Personally, I’ve found that partners with smaller-than-average penises excel in other ways, far more than their big-penis counterparts. Because really, at the end of the day, it's hardly about size. It's about skill, technique, and the connection you have with your partner. In fact, urologists have found that 85 percent of women are just fine with their partner’s penis size.

However, if your partner does have a small penis and can’t seem to stop obsessing over its size, it’s your job, as their partner, to basically say, "Your penis is effing awesome.” Here are four ways to make your partner feel better about their small penis, because small penises are awesome.

1. Tell Them The G-Spot Isn’t Everything

Although we hear a lot about the G-spot, when it comes to sex, it isn’t everything. Of course a woman who loves to experience vaginal orgasms might prefer someone whose penis is on the larger side, but it’s not like we live in a world sans dildos and other toys that can stimulate that area just fine. And with 75 percent of women needing clitoral stimulation to orgasm, penis size definitely doesn’t matter there.

2. Do Your Kegel Exercises

Every time you do your Kegel exercises, you strengthen your pelvic floor. In doing so, you’re tightening things up not just for keeping your uterus in place as you get older, but for creating a warm and cozy place for you partner. Doing Kegel exercises can actually, during sex, clench your partner’s penis, and in doing so, can help erase their insecurities as sex feels much more satisfying for both of you.

3. Try Positions Specific To Small Penises

Depending on your flexibility and balance, you could probably do a different sexual positions every single day for months and months. What this also means is that there are positions that work best for people of all shapes and sizes, including penis size. Great sex positions for people with small penises are “butterfly” and “X marks the spot,” because they create deeper and tighter fits, which will make you both feel awesome.

4. Don’t Draw Attention To It

The worst thing you can do when it comes to anyone’s insecurities, penis or otherwise, is draw attention to it. You don’t have to mention it, and if they want to talk about, choose your words wisely. Saying things like “it’s not that small,” are counterproductive and not helping. You want to encourage them by letting them know that their penis is enough for you and that’s all that matters.

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