All Of Hannah Montana's Outdated Layering Combos

There's no doubt that she had some killer style back in the earlier 2000s. But when it comes to Hannah Montana's short and long sleeve shirt combos, they just didn't have that same flair. Sure, Hannah slayed some sequined vests, tulle mini dresses, and embellished denim skirts that are what middle school wardrobe dreams are made of. But those layering combos just weren't doing much for sartorial history.

Most Millennials/devout perusers of The Disney Channel can agree that Hannah Montana's wardrobe wasn't exactly classic. While her outfits were cute and undoubtedly perfect inspo for the middle school crowd growing up alongside the show (including yours truly) most of them are terribly outdated now. As much as I used to love Miley and Hannah's style, even I can recognize how bizarre her many long and short sleeve shirt combinations truly were. I mean, fashion rules are made to be broken and all. But wearing two sequined shirts over each other? That's a recipe for outdatedness if ever I saw one. You have to hand it to Hannah, though. When she found a look she loved, she stuck with it.

To commemorate the weirdness and wonder that was Hannah Montana's short and long sleeve shirt layering game, here is a list of her many combos. Hannah's style definitely had its moments. But I shall leave it to her fans to decide whether these make the cut.

1. Pink Shirt X Purple Long Sleeve

I want to say that this look works purely because it's so Tween Queen cool. Unfortunately, I think we can all agree that the graphic pink T-shirt and long sleeve purple blouse just weren't meant to be. Much like that cheek-lipstick makeup look. It's OK, Hannah. We can't have the best of both worlds all the time.

2. Pink Tank X White T-Shirt

There are so many promising things about this outfit: The fitted white jeans, the sparkly black boots, even the chic embellished clutch. But the shirt? The pink tank top was a bad idea, but pairing it with a basic white T-shirt underneath only serves to make the look more outdated.

3. Blue Blouse X Pink Long Sleeve

A lot of Hannah Montana took place in the Stewart family home in Malibu, California, so I'll ignore the fact that Hannah is wearing a shark tooth necklace. That being said, I'm not going to be quite as forgiving about that blue blouse over the pink long sleeve top. This look could have been perfectly cute by wearing only one blouse at a time. Together, it's all too much.

4. Sheer Vest X Blue T-Shirt

I love sheer clothes just as much as the next person. That being said, this sheer vest/blouse over a light blue tee is blasphemous to the chicness of sheer. I appreciate Hannah's efforts to dress up the look with a statement necklace and an un-done ponytail, but the styling is a little too odd and unstructured to ever become a classic.

5. Purple Tank X Purple Long Sleeve

The "Bone Dance" episode was without a doubt one of the best in the Hannah Montana series. But while the storyline was slaying, Hannah's wardrobe was unfortunately not. This ensemble makes me ask two questions: Who thought purple on purple was a good idea? And what purpose does that tank top actually serve?

6. Black Tank X Pink Long Sleeve

Most of Hannah's wardrobe in the first season followed this uniform: Long sleeve T-shirt in a pastel color, somewhat matching tank top on top, and an ill-fitting pair of jeans. I admit that such was my aesthetic when I was in the sixth grade. But looking back on it now, the whole shebang is nothing short of cringeworthy.

7. Sheer Blouse X Pink Tank Top

If I'm being completely honest, I would totally wear this outfit today. Granted, I would change the pink tank top to a black one and probably button the sheer blouse a little more. But otherwise, it's not as much of an eye sore as some of the other short and long sleeve combinations.

8. Orange On White

While it was certainly popular back in the 2000s, I never liked the Ed Hardy brand. The graphic designs, the sparkly embellishments, and even the bright, shiny colors couldn't captivate me. Clearly, they got to Hannah. I didn't think it could be done, but the Ed Hardy aesthetic was only made worse by the additional of a white long sleeve top underneath.

9. Green On Pink

Dear Hannah,

When you wear a graphic T-shirt, it's probably best to wear it alone. Not with a green, button-embellished tank top.

Yours truly, Melodi.

This, my friends, is why layering long and short sleeve shirts isn't always the best idea. Unless you're a middle schooler by day and pop star by night, perhaps.

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Images: Disney Channel (9)