10 Things To Put On Your Solo Sex Bucket List

While sex is great and all, nothing really does it quite like masturbation. Through regular masturbation, we get to know our bodies in ways that are so intimate and precise that the chances of having an orgasm are far greater than if we are with a partner. That’s why I personally sometimes prefer masturbation to sex. Masturbation also allows me to be selfish, because it’s all about me ... then I get to take a nap, if I want.

There are many different ways to masturbate. Although you may have it in your head that masturbation should always involve lying down on a couch or bed with your finger on your clitoris, there can actually be more to it than that. You can, if you want, break out of your regular routine and try something new, which you might find you enjoy even more. You probably have a bucket list for lots of things ― perhaps even a sex bucket list ― so why shouldn’t you have one for masturbation, too?

Because bucket lists give us goals to accomplish, I’d say they’re a fairly necessary part of life. So do yourself a favor, step outside your usual masturbation rituals, and explore. Here at 10 things to put on your masturbation bucket list.

1. In The Shower Or Tub

With so many waterproof toys (and some very powerful shower heads out there) you just have to use the tub or shower to masturbate at some point. While a shower can be a little tricky — I imagine most would prefer to sit or lie down while masturbating — relaxing in a tub while getting yourself off is fantastic. Light some candles and add some bubbles to the mix, and you’ve really got something.

2. On A Lunch Break

I would like to point out that I do not condone masturbating in public, because that’s just asking for a whole boatload of legal trouble if you get caught. But if you can sneak an orgasm in halfway through the day, why wouldn’t you? I have friend who, without fail, always takes a midday masturbation break. Granted these people either work from home or have some fancy office with a door that locks — but either way, they're doing it, and that's what matters.

3. While Watching Porn

If you’ve never masturbated while watching porn, then it’s also something to put on your bucket list. I realize that porn isn’t for everybody, and that many people like to stick to their imagination, but adding some visual stimulation to your routine might be exactly what you need. Also, there’s a lot of feminist porn out there, so don’t think that your only options are degrading gang bangs.

4. Over Skype With A Partner

If your partner is out of town or you’re in a long-distance relationship, why wouldn’t you opt for masturbating with them via Skype, FaceTime, or one of the other many technological ways in which we communicate? Hell, your partner doesn’t even have to be out of town, but merely across town in their own place, and you can still do it. It’s just another way to keep things in your relationship hot and fun.

5. With Toys

Although I’m pretty sure the majority of women who masturbate are probably using a vibrator, those of you who are not should give it a try! If you’re quite content with your hands when it comes to clitoral stimulation, then consider trying a toy that is made to stimulate your G-spot. Masturbation should be equal parts satisfaction and experimentation. Which brings me to …

6. While Incorporating Anal Play

If you enjoy anal play with your partner, then you’re bound to enjoy it while masturbating, too. There’s nothing a little lube and a butt plug can’t add to a masturbation sesh for those who love anal play.

7. As A Quickie Before Work

I realize that for many of us, it’s an effort just to get out of bed in the morning, let alone do anything else. But getting in some quickie masturbation action every morning before work should definitely be on your list. Just think about the positive effect it will have on the rest of your day!

8. In A Long, Involved Session After Work

Whether you do it after work or just before bed, giving yourself a decent block of time to masturbate over and over should be something to try. If there's no place you need to be and you have some time to kill, why wouldn’t you want to devote an hour or more to giving yourself orgasm after orgasm? Or even better, there's edging, in which you bring yourself close to orgasm, but release before you get there. If you do that multiple times before allowing yourself to finally experience a climax, then there's only one word for it: WOW.

9. In Different Positions

If you’re all about trying different positions during sex, why would you limit yourself to only one masturbation position? Well, you shouldn’t. Instead, explore new ways in which you can move your body or angle yourself. For example, if you’re masturbating with both an external vibrator and an internal dildo, you’re going to find that putting your legs up and over your head will allow for deeper penetration ― just like it does during sex.

10. With A Partner

True to its name, mutual masturbation means masturbating with your partner. It's basically the ideal way to get yourself off with someone else, but not to go all out with the sex thing. It's not just extremely arousing to watch how your partner touches themselves, but you also get to give them a lesson or two about how you like to be touched. So put it on the list.

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