6 Artists Adele Needs To Work With

With her latest single, "Hello," dominating the charts and her new album, 25, breaking sales records, it seems as though every singer in the music industry wants to work with Adele. (And who can blame them?) On Tuesday, we learned that even legendary R&B crooner Lionel Richie now hopes to collaborate with Adele, after the release of "Hello" inspired numerous mashups and memes involving his 1984 hit of the same name at the end of October. "We are going to be doing something together — that's already almost in the works... I can almost say that we are talking, but right now she has a mission," Richie told E! News recently. The mission he's talking about, of course, is promoting the hell out of 25 (which she's been doing a pretty bang-up job of so far).

Considering Adele's last LP, 21 , has yet to leave the Billboard 200 album chart since it premiered in January 2011, I think it's safe to assume she'll be promoting 25 for quite some time, and will have very little room in her schedule for side projects. Bummer. However, that doesn't mean we have to stop dreaming about all of the artists we'd like to see her hit the studio with eventually! Below are my top six picks.

#6. Britney Spears

Adele and Britney Spears made their love for each known in 2015. After Adele told i-D at the end of October that she'd like to attend Spears' Piece of Me show in Las Vegas, the "...Baby One More Time" hit-maker offered to swap tour tickets with her on Twitter. Then, Adele called Spears "the queen" during a recent interview with NPR, really taking their admiration fest to the next level. Flattered, Spears responded by sharing a video of herself dancing to "Hello" on social media last Saturday. Clearly, this is meant to be! Admittedly, I have no idea what an Adele/Spears duet would sound like — it could easily be a total disaster — but aren't you kinda curious to find out? At the very least, perhaps the 27-year-old British diva could give Spears a hand writing a heartrending ballad or two (she's got a knack for writing those, after all).

#5. Katy Perry

Frequent Katy Perry collaborator (and pop music legend) Max Martin co-wrote and co-produced the second song on 25's track list, "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)." Since hearing the superb tune (it's one of the album's highlights), I've been dreaming about Adele and Perry teaming up. I mean, Adele has now proven that she can pull off top 40 pop — why not work with one of the genre's best artists?

#4. Rihanna

At the beginning of November, Adele revealed to Rolling Stone that she'd like Rihanna to join her "squad." "That would be really cool," she said before adding, "Oh, God. She's life itself, isn't she? I love her." Sigh. Don't we all? Rih has yet to respond to the invitation, but back in 2012, she told British talk show host Jonathan Ross that she only attended the BRIT Awards that year so she could see Adele. "She doesn't know the depth of my affection," she said. "The last album, 21, just spoke to me so much." Yes, these two need to become best friends and record a few (or more) tracks together ASAP.

#3. Ed Sheeran

Can you even imagine what would happen if Adele and Ed Sheeran — the reigning Queen and King of sob-inducing ballads — joined forces? Stores across the globe would sell out of Kleenex in a matter of hours. It would be awesome. (Plus, I think their voices would sound beautiful together, too.)

#2. Lady Gaga

I can totally envision an Adele and Lady Gaga song taking over the charts someday. Neither artist has explained what they were up to when they snapped the above selfie in January... maybe they already have something in the works? Both Adele and Gaga's voices are extremely versatile, so I feel like the possibilities for their collab would be truly endless (and that's incredibly exciting).

#1. Drake

ICYMI: Adele wants to remix Drake's latest hit, "Hotline Bling" — and he's super into the idea. In fact, according to etalk, the Canadian rapper recently said he'd "do anything with Adele." "I’d literally go to Adele's house right now and do laundry for her," he reportedly added. If Adele and Drake were to record something similar to Drake's 2012 single with Rihanna, "Take Care" (with Drake handling the verses and Adele singing the hook), I think it could be massive.

Now, Adele just needs to find the time to make these collabs happen! I'll keep my fingers crossed that at least one of them eventually comes to fruition. Stay tuned.

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