7 Beauty Resolutions You Should Make In 2016 Because It's Never Too Late To Change — PHOTOS

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Everyone occasionally slacks off with their beauty routine, but if your occasional slacking has turned into a habit, it's time to give your routine a makeover. With the new year just around the corner, consider these beauty resolutions you should make in 2016. Even if you only successfully incorporate one or two beauty resolutions, setting the intention and trying is what matters most!

My biggest beauty routine wakeup call hit early last year. It was the middle of January and Manhattan's temperatures were below freezing all day, every day for weeks on end. Suddenly my standard skincare routine of a little sunscreen before applying makeup was no longer going to cut it, as I'd end up with completely dried out, itchy, and flaky skin. After some trial-and-error, I learned that hydrating my face with organic pumpkin seed oil solved the dryness problems without breaking me out.

That necessary habit tweak got me thinking about other aspects of my beauty routine that needed a change. I mean, I wasn't fourteen anymore and knew I needed to up my skincare regimen. Below you'll find the habits I'm now trying to implement one by one to take better care of my skin. After all, our skin has to last a lifetime!

1. Stop Sleeping In Makeup

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Really, there's no excuse. If you're a grown ass woman that's old enough to rock makeup, then you know how bad sleeping in makeup is for your skin, no matter what Kim Kardashian says. Keep a jar of coconut oil in your bathroom for easily accessible waterproof makeup remover.

2. Start Cleaning Your Cellphone

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Bad news: there's acne-causing bacteria on your phone. Good news: you can follow your manufacturer's instructions to know exactly how to clean your phone so it doesn't end up clogging your pores. I recommend trying to do so at least twice a week.

3. Stop Picking At Your Skin

Poking at a stubborn pimple that's not ready to pop is like asking for even more pimples and possible scarring. Step away from the mirror, read up on how to properly pop a pimple, and never stray from that strategy.

4. Start Trying New Trends

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Love the elaborate braids spotted at NYFW or that colombre hair trend? You'll never know what you love unless you shake up your standard look and try something new!

5. Stop Skipping Sunscreen

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Wearing sunscreen in the winter is just as important as doing so in the summer, whether you're headed out for a run or on a quick walk to brunch. You can find awesome products that work double duty as a moisturizer, which makes it easier on you if you're worried about extra steps in your skincare routine.

6. Start Chilling Out

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I'm not talking about Netflix and chill. I'm saying that cortisol, the stress hormone, can trigger breakouts and even hair loss. Whether it's yoga, meditation, painting, or whatever, find something that calms you down and nourishes your soul.

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7. Stop Pulling All-Nighters

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I know, I know, there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done. But getting enough sleep is crucial to both your mental and physical health, not to mention the only way to truly combat puffy eyes and dark circles.

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