2015 Was The Year For Body Positive Celebs

Some might see 2015 as the year that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West gave birth to Saint West, the year Adele released 25, the year Taylor Swift brought random celebs onstage during her 1989 tour, or the year Viola Davis took home the Emmy for Lead Actress in a Drama. Obviously, those are all important moments of the past year. However, there were several celebs who moved body positivity forward in 2015, and that's something that needs discussed, as well.

More often than ever, celebrities, especially actresses, are coming forward and promoting body positivity in powerful and amazing ways. Over the past year, so many women (and some men) have voiced how beauty is so much more than physical appearance. Everyone is beautiful for different reasons, which makes beauty that much more wonderful.

Thankfully, the 12 celebrities listed below are alleviating the unfortunate pressures that women face every day when it comes to their hair, makeup, wardrobe, and weight, among many other physical attributes that continue to be picked apart by society and the media. That said, let these celebs influence you to become body positive, if you already aren't, and show you why no one should ever be judged for their looks.

1. Melissa McCarthy

While chatting with Ellen DeGeneres, Melissa McCarthy recounted a conversation with a reporter who criticized her appearance and said she was unattractive in her movies. After having a discussion with him about why women should never be body shamed, she declared, "I just think we tear down women in this country for all these superficial reasons, and women are so great and so strong." Preach.

2. Melanie Griffith

In December, Melanie Griffith shared an unfiltered photo on Instagram that could boost anyone's confidence. She captioned the photo: "Here ya go. Unfiltered. I'm 58. And I'm in Hawaii Five O playing Scott Caan's Mom. Go ahead... Say some more mean things. Merry Christmas."

3. Tia Mowry

Former Sister, Sister actress Tia Mowry is completely OK with her size and weight, even if her haters aren't. After many speculated she might be pregnant again, Mowry told HuffPost Live, "I am not pregnant, I am just happy. I've gained these extra 10 [or] 15 pounds because of my cooking show [Tia Mowry at Home]. I'm just enjoying life, and when I want to drop the pounds, I will, but right now I'm happy with who I am."

4. Sophia Bush

Craig Barritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When doesn't Sophia Bush inspire? As Health magazine's September 2015 cover star, the Chicago P.D. actress opened up about body image and proving women are so much more than their looks. She said,

I think [maintaining body confidence is] hard for everyone. Do I think that there has historically been more pressure [in Hollywood than elsewhere]? Yes. Do I think that because of media and airbrushing and social media and Instagram and Facebook and Twitter, that it's now the same for everyone? I think it's crazy. We are so conditioned as women to hate on ourselves all the time, but look at what we can do.

5. Keira Knightley

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There is so much pressure for women in Hollywood to achieve that dreadful "post-baby" figure after giving birth. However, Keira Knightley didn't drink that Kool-aid after having daughter Edie. She told Elle magazine,

Also, I have to say, as a woman, you hate certain parts of your body. You go through those periods where you look in the mirror and you think, "Oh, if only I had different legs or arms or whatever." You go through pregnancy and labor and then feeding the kid and you go, "Wow, my body is totally amazing, and I'm never going to not like it again, because it did this, and this is f*cking extraordinary.

6. Kate Winslet

John Phillips/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kate Winslet never fails in promoting body positivity even when it comes to her own children. Unlike her childhood which she says lacked body positivity, the Oscar-winning actress is making sure her kids know that they beautiful inside and out. During an episode of Running Wild With Bear Grylls, she told Grylls about what she tells her daughter Mia: "So, I stand in front of the mirror and say to Mia, 'We are so lucky that we've got a shape. We’re so lucky we’re curvy. We’re so lucky that we’ve got good bums.' And she’ll say, 'Mommy, I know, thank God.'"

7. David Beckham & James Corden

In a segment for James Corden's late night talk show The Late Late Show, Corden and David Beckham promoted positive body image in a hilarious and powerful way. Be sure to watch the video above, not just to see both men strut their stuff in their skivvies, but to see why everyone really is beautiful, especially when they have confidence.

8. Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson is both the queen of music and the queen of body positivity. After British journalist and TV personality Katie Hopkins posted negative tweets about Clarkson's appearance, the American Idol winner told Ellen DeGerenes,

It's like, you just are who you are. We are who we are — whatever size. It doesn't mean that we're gonna be that forever. That's the thing! Sometimes we're more fit. Like, especially me. I'm such a creative person that I yo-yo. Sometimes I'm more fit and I get into kickboxing hardcore. And then sometimes I don't and I'm like, "I'd rather have wine."

9. Ariel Winter

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This has been a great year for Modern Family actress Ariel Winter — and for any young girls who were in need of a role model. After bravely admitting that she had a breast reduction, Winter showed that everyone should love themselves no matter the criticism they may or may not receive from others. As she told Glamour,

I also think there’s some good that can come from [telling] my story. It’s something that I did to better my life and better my health and I think that that can benefit a lot of young girls. I have felt more happy with myself than I ever have. I am living a dream that a lot of girls my age would love to be living, and I’m aware of that. I'm really grateful that I’m able to do that and have a voice that I’m able to speak to teenagers. I don’t want to do anything to mess that up.

10. Ariana Grande

Like Winter, Ariana Grande spread an important message above self-love when she discussed why it's not OK to objectify women and scrutinize their bodies. The entire message is worth a read and even Winter praised the singer for her positivity by tweeting: "Thank you @ArianaGrande Women should empower one another. Celebrate each other- you're all beautiful."

11. Gabourey Sidibe


Soon after Gabourey Sidibe's Empire character Becky had a sex scene, the Oscar-nominated actress was immediately shamed, but it also inspired a movement on Twitter with the hashtag #MyFatSexStory. Sidibe doesn't necessarily want to be spokeswoman for body positivity, which is completely fine. "That’s a lot of responsibility!" she explained to MTV News. "I don’t necessarily do it on purpose, but the thing is I can’t ever decide to be anything other than a plus-sized, dark skinned black actress. There are no other options… Being the face of this also isn’t an option for me. It’s just what comes along with it." That said, she is pushing both diversity and body positivity as a TV star and it's pretty amazing.

12. Amy Schumer

Finally, who can forget Amy Schumer's Pirelli Calendar photo? With just that one simple photo, the Trainwreck star promoted body positivity in an amazing way. It definitely isn't the first time she's done it, but it was her biggest statement about body image in the year 2015. Keep up the good work, Schumer.

Who else can't wait to see what these celebs, and hopefully others, bring in terms of body positivity in 2016?