Jennifer Lawrence Has Been Talking About BFF Amy Schumer A Lot & That's A Good Thing

Jennifer Lawrence is currently making the talk show rounds to promote her upcoming movie Joy, but you wouldn't be wrong to feel like the actress is actually promoting another project called "Jennifer Lawrence's friendship with Amy Schumer." Their newly formed BFF bond has resulted in an upcoming script where the two play sisters, a jet ski adventure, a human pyramid, a Thanksgiving with Aziz Ansari and a dance on top of Billy Joel's piano so it's no surprise that people want to hear her go on and on about all their fun. It's the living embodiment of #squadgoals. The surprising part is that late night hosts like Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers are asking an actress about her female friends. Sure, Lawrence's bestie happens to be another celeb, but since most interviewers limit their scope of questions for famous actresses to what they're wearing and who they're dating, this is a step in the right direction. One that Lawrence also couldn't help but remark on when she appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers. “I get asked about Amy on all of these press tours more than anything,” she said, “which is great, because endorphins get released in my brain when I talk about her.”

That right there is why asking actresses questions about things they're passionate about will yield more interesting answers. It's the point the Representation Project was trying to make with their #AskHerMore campaign, which launched in February 2014 in hopes of urging award show reporters to ask more interesting questions of the women who stop and speak with them on the red carpet. Instead of just asking them who they're wearing, ask actresses about their achievements and inspirations. Talk to them about their body of work, not just their body. These are the kinds of questions men get asked all the time because no one really cares who they're wearing.

During the 2014 Oscars, the Representation Projects urged viewers to tweet the hashtag #AskHerMore when they saw examples of sexism on the carpet. It didn't take long for the hashtag to get going. One person tweeted, "Bradley Cooper gets asked about the community of actors, Lupita [Nyong'o] gets asked about her dress." Especially disheartening since Nyong'o was the frontrunner for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar, which she ended up winning. On the red carpet for Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens, Nyong'o seemed to be one step ahead of everyone, wearing a Zac Posen dress with LED lights programmed by female coders as part of the Made With Code initiative, which encourages young girls to pursue careers in science.

"@Lupita_Nyongo wore a light up @Zac_Posen dress programmed by women," Emma Synott tweeted. "Helps encourage #AskHerMore too!"

For the most part, Lawrence is asked more because she's willing to talk more about her likes, dislikes and anxieties. Right now, she is very passionate about her friendship with Schumer, and with each question about their relationship, she's been able to show a little bit more of herself that now makes you want to be her best friend too. Of course, we can't pretend that these hosts are asking her about Schumer because they want to #AskHerMore. Clips of Lawrence talking about Schumer are going to get clicks — especially ones about the duo's upcoming Golden Globe battle for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Comedy or Musical. When Meyers asked Lawrence about this competition, the actress' answer was simple. “Her performance was the year. She was the year,” Lawrence said. “She drew the map, she wrote it out, she put herself on it, and then she showed us the map. … That’s who I would vote for.” It's a sweet answer, but it also allows her to squash any rumors that their friendship is in any way impacted by the nomination.

Too often, women are pitted against each other in the press — it's assumed by tabloids that two actresses can't be friendly because of competition or jealousy. When they're asked about other actresses, it's in context to rumors that they have to deflect. Naya Rivera gets asked about whether or not her and Glee co-star Lea Michele are feuding. Sarah Jessica Parker has to talk about rumblings that her and Kim Cattrall are fighting on the Sex and the City set. Julianna Margulies has to explain her war of words with Good Wife co-star Archie Punjab. There's very little asked about the actresses they actually get along with. Lawrence has been able to do that, to shoot down any idea that her and Schumer are anything but supportive of each other.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on YouTube

It should be mentioned that part of the reason Lawrence has been able to gush over Schumer in a thoughtful way is thanks to thoughtful questions. When Lawrence appeared on the Late Show, host Stephen Colbert asked about a comment Schumer made on The Late Show a few months back — specifically, Schumer said that Lawrence is the "ideal hottest version of her."

"Yeah, she keeps writing this in our script, and her sister and I, we're both like, you're not ugly enough, and I'm not hot enough to pull these jokes off." Lawrence said. "And she was like, 'I know. I'm gorgeous, but I do it in stand-up and it works.'" Lawrence continued by saying despite that fact that people are laughing, those jokes don't really make sense since Schumer's "got a sweet little a**. Great t**s."

Of course, Lawrence's comments made headlines, but it was for good reason: Lawrence was complimenting her friend, something female celebs don't often get a chance to do. She didn't have to couch it with any mention of Schumer being a girl crush, this was just her straight talking about a woman she admires. Even better, her compliments made a point about body image in the process. To get that answer, all Colbert did was ask a simple question about her friend. #AskHerMore and you shall receive. It really is that simple.