How To Make Your Home Look More Luxe

There are times in life when you are given little to no warning that guests are coming to visit. On these occasions, there's no time for a deep clean, so you may need some speedy cleaning and tidying shortcuts that will make your home look spick and span and super fancy in a matter of minutes. So for anyone looking to create the illusion of a humble abode which feels more like a luxury hotel than your old student digs, read on.

Of course there are people out there who don't clean before people come over and I wish I was one of them. IMO these people fall into three categories. The first bunch are those whose homes are always spotless; these enviable people are the amazing clean freaks in your life who run their homes with military precision. The second group are the ones who usually keep on top of their housework, but they don't mind the place looking lived in when their close friends and family come over. Finally there's the third bunch, who, in a way, I envy the most: the ones who couldn't care less about keeping up appearances and who don't give a damn about people pleasing or looking like they live in an interiors photo shoot set.

So for people like myself who still scurry around panicking before guests arrive, here are some ways to make your home appear magazine ready in minutes that I've mastered over the past few years.

1. Get Rid Of Debris

On your marks, get set, go. Dash around your home hiding objects in cupboards, drawers, or anywhere you can think of. Throw out any garbage, tidy your desk, and put all of your clothes back in your wardrobe. You may look like a headless chicken but it'll all be worth it in the end.

2. Make Your Toilet Paper Look Fancy

Folding the end sheet of your toilet paper into a point makes for a super fancy bathroom and will remind your guests of hotel rooms.

3. Roll Your Hand Towels

Get rollin' those hand towels. Position them on your bathroom basin or somewhere within easy reach. If you have the space, create a little pyramid out of your hand towels and turn a clean waste paper basket into a bin in which to put the used towels for instant spa vibes.

4. Quickly Wipe Your Sinks Clean

Sinks are some of the spots in your abode which will be on your guests' radars because depending on how long they stay, they may need to visit the bathroom or wash their hands in your kitchen sink at some point. So quickly make your sinks sparkle.

5. Bring Out The Luxury Liquid Hand Soap

Now is the time to unleash the luxury hand soap you received as a gift but hadn't found a reason to use yet. If you want to go all out, purchase a matching hand moisturizer for a seriously fancy flourish. It may be a good idea to keep these in stock as you probably won't have time to dash out before last minute guests arrive.

6. Close Your Shower Curtain

There is absolutely no way you are going to have time to give your shower or bath a proper scrub. So in order to make the bathroom more aesthetically pleasing, close your shower curtain to keep people from seeing any grime.

7. Make Your Bed With Throw Cushions

Instantly add an air of hotel sophistication to your bedroom by making your bed look pristine and assembling color co-ordinated throw pillows on top. Bonus points if you have a matching blanket.

8. Bring Out Your Best China

No matter whether your crockery is old, new, borrowed, or blue assemble the best pieces you have, ideally matching or in a similar color or theme. Pop the kettle on for tea, get your coffee brewing, and assemble some treats on a tray. Your guests will love the fact that their impromptu drop in ended in a refreshing beverage and a snack and they'll be very impressed at your resourcefulness.

9. Create Ambience

Put on some music to reflect the time of day and the mood you wish to create. For instance, your grandparents may appreciate some classical music or your BFF might like some pop rock playing in the background. Depending on the time of day, you may wish to create a cozy mood with some accented lighting. This is also good if you haven't had chance to clean your floors recently, as your guests are less likely to spot crumbs in a darker room.

10. Arrange An Appropriate Selection Of Literature

Supply an appropriate selection of reading materials for your guests for the odd moments when you're out of the room, so that they can keep themselves occupied. This could be a selection of magazines, fiction, or poetry books depending on the guests coming over. Saying, "I'll be back in a minute, please feel free to take a look at those copies of Vogue," sounds awesome right? Showing you planned ahead for their specific needs and interests is sure to impress your guests.

11. Grab Some Fresh Flowers

You may be pushed for time on this one, so if you ask nicely you might be able to rope your housemate or partner into nipping out to help you with this. There's just something about flowers which adds an air of freshness and beauty to a room, aside from the fact they're often seen in top notch restaurants and fancy hotel rooms.

Make like an interiors ninja and have your home looking luxe in a jiffy with these swift tips.

Images: DanWatson /Unsplash; YusukeUmezawa, AlmilaS, aprilandrandy, JohnHickey-Fry, Caroline /Flickr; Pexels (5)