The 11 Biggest Pot Stirrers In 'Real Housewives' History

As if there isn't always enough going on with the women of Real Housewives, there's always someone there to fan the flames and take the drama from zero to 100, real quick. You know who I mean, those cast members who cannot help getting in other people's business. They "accidentally" share information that they shouldn't have or just purposely incite controversy for entertainment's sake. There have been some major pot stirrers in Real Housewives history and I've listed the 11 biggest ones below.

If you are a fan of the shows, then I'm sure there are some names that immediately come to mind. A lot of the time these women think that they are being discreet, because the controversy in question is not actually about them, but loyal fans see right through it. It is so blatantly obvious that these pot stirrers are just trying to start up drama either for the fun of it or so they look good in comparison. (Except for one of them who is completely innocent, and you'll know who I mean below!)

I have a love/hate relationship with these pot stirrers depending on the damage they cause. I enjoy watching the conflict, but sometimes I cannot help getting vicariously annoyed for the other women on the show. So who are the biggest instigators of the bunch? It's tough to narrow down, but I have some ideas.

11. Milania Giudice

Stirring the pot isn't necessarily a bad thing, and it's especially not in this case. (Yep! This is the innocent pot stirrer I was talking about.) In fact, accidental pot stirring it exactly why I love Teresa Giudice's daughter Milania. No one throws better shade on Real Housewives of New Jersey than Milania Giudice. She has always made super subtle digs at Melissa Gorga, which made it super clear that no matter how much her parents denied it, they were talking trash about Melissa. Thank God Milania is so cute though, because she's the only one who can pull off stirring the pot and still be completely likable.

10. Meghan Edmonds

At first, watching Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10, I was a little thrown off by Meghan's curiosity about Brooks having cancer, but damn, she really got the ball rolling. Her pot stirring is what started one of the most scandalous story lines in reality TV history.

9. Lisa Rinna

I was really living for Lisa Rinna, and then she had the nerve to question Yolanda Foster's battle with Lyme disease and get all the other women talking about it. I am in complete shock and am vicariously offended. Since this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is still in progress, I am hoping that she finds a way to turn this around.

8. Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki has never taken well to any of the new women on RHOC. She hazes them hard and asks all the tough questions that no other human would ever consider saying. I'm pretty sure that she's offended every cast member at some point.

7. Ramona Singer

I love Ramona Singer. I will never tire of her antics, but I would hate to be in her circle of friends. Whenever she comes under fire, she has no qualms throwing her girls under the bus to divert attention. She loves instigating controversy and that's why she is the only one who has remained a full-time cast member for the entire run of Real Housewives of New York City.

6. Aviva Drescher

Aviva Drescher had issues with everyone on RHONY, and I never quite understood why. She topped it all off by throwing her prosthetic leg for no reason and ruining a high profile event. That was an iconic pot stirrer moment that she will never live down.

5. Brandi Glanville

I am still so bummed that Brandi Glanville is not a full time cast member on RHOBH anymore, because she always brought the entertainment. She asked the questions that got the women riled up, slapped Lisa Vanderpump, and threw a wine glass. She always came through for me as viewer.

4. Tamra Judge

Stirring the pot is Tamra's thing. She would be number one on this list because of her consistency with this behavior, but there are a couple other ladies who took things to the next level. Nevertheless, Tamra is always involved in every other woman's story line. Aside from opening that gym, I really can't think of what else she is bringing to the show besides pot stirring. And, to be clear, I'm not throwing shade. I love all the drama that Tamra instigates and think she's a reality TV gem.

3. Danielle Staub

Even though she was only on RHONJ for two seasons, Danielle Staub will always be an iconic Housewife in my eyes. She knew exactly what to say to get under Teresa Giudice's skin and incite some crazy moments like that infamous table flip. Her random comments about Teresa's sister-in-law Melissa Gorga at the Season 2 reunion caused so much controversy that Andy Cohen had to hold Teresa back and Melissa was actually brought on as a cast member the next season.

2. Kenya Moore

Kenya is always making me laugh with her masterful shade, but she really took things to a whole other level when she decided to bring a megaphone and a scepter to a reunion and push Porsha Williams' buttons, which resulted in a violent brawl between the two.

1. Kim Granatell

This woman was never even a cast member, yet she was always doing the most on RHONJ. She showed up to every event, constantly threw shade, and friended and unfriended all of the women. She just did whatever she could to be a part of their business and it was absolutely amazing. Kim Granatell wasn't even a Housewife, yet she was really stirring the pot whenever possible.

It was pretty tough trying to narrow down this list because there is so much great shade and instigation in the Real Housewives franchise. Thank God for these women though. I couldn't imagine any of these shows without the drama that they stirred up over the years.

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