The Most Offensive Brandi Glanville Moments

People love to hate Brandi Glanville, but no matter how you feel about the outspoken reality star, you have to admit that Brandi definitely brought some excitement to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills . She embodies that metaphor about passing a car accident: I don't want to look at it, yet I cannot bring myself to turn away. I just have to know what she's going to say next, even if it's going to make me cringe and feel some pretty heavy second-hand embarrassment. I just can't resist the entertainment.

There is no such thing as hitting below the belt when it comes to her limitations, and I'm sure she drives the show's editors insane when it comes to cutting out her curse words on the show. Now that Brandi is leaving RHOBH, we'll have to say goodbye to her feuds, her jokes, and her insults, so it's the perfect time to look back at the most offensive things she ever did on the show.

I can't even name one of them the absolute "most offensive," because there's just so much to look at here, but I can definitely narrow things down and call out some of the most offensive things the reality star has said and done on the show.

1. Making Claims About Adrienne's Family

It seemed like Brandi crossed the ultimate line with Adrienne Maloof when she brought up her alleged use of surrogates to carry her children. It was all very ominous with the show never airing the comment and leaving the specifics of it a mystery while the two blondes hashed things out for the rest of the season.

2. Accusing Kim Of Doing Drugs In The Bathroom

During her first season on the show, Brandi was far from best friends with Kim Richards. And she once randomly called Kim out for allegedly doing drugs in the bathroom during a really awkward game night with the girls. At that point, Kim's personal issues were pretty much just alluded to and never actually stated so Brandi's bold accusation really stood out.

3. Making Racist Remarks Toward Joyce

The only moments that really stood out during Joyce's one season on Real Housewives were the cringe-worthy times with Brandi. Brandi "accidentally" kept calling her by the wrong name, instead referring to her by more stereotypical Latin names that she said with a fake accent. She also once said, "Joyce is a big fat pig." And to top it all off, she claimed that Joyce couldn't swim because she was part black. Those remarks were mere blips in Brandi's history, but that pretty much sums up Joyce's entire stint on RHOBH.

4. Slapping Lisa V In The Face

Brandi and Lisa Vanderpump went from being thick a thieves with their insides jokes and shade directed toward the rest of the girls to being mortal enemies. Just when I thought the two could end up being cordial in a group setting, things just escalated to another level when Brandi decided to slap Lisa in the face during the group's Amsterdam trip.

5. Throwing Wine At Eileen

Maybe Brandi was just christening Eileen into the clique when she decided to flick wine at her face? That's the only positive explanation that I can come up with for her randomly doing this. The two weren't arguing; Brandi was just trying to get Eileen to reenact some soap opera scenes and Eileen wasn't into it... so Brandi splashed her with wine. It was the weirdest thing and so not OK.

6. Claiming That Kyle Doesn't Get Her Period Anymore

During the most recent reunion, Kyle and Brandi were arguing about Kim (as usual), and the two decided to throw out the most random insults ever. Kyle called out Brandi for being photographed by the paparazzi with her tampon string hanging out and Brandi immediately clapped back claiming Kyle doesn't get her period. The girl did not miss a beat and there was just nothing to say after that.

7. Calling LeAnn Rimes The "C" Word

LeAnn Rimes isn't even a cast member on the show, but she might as well be considering how much she gets named checked. There's just something about using the "c" word that takes an insult to another level. This was not the best thing for Brandi to say to her children's stepmother, to put it gently.

8. Pushing Kyle At The Poker Party

It's no secret that Brandi is (somehow?) chronically embroiled in the middle of the Richards sisters' personal drama. And when Kyle tried to get Brandi out of the way so she could talk to Kim privately, Brandi actually shoved her out of the way in a very shocking move.

Brandi can have you laughing with her, feeling embarrassed for her, or just make you straight up confused. No one knows what she's going to say or do next, but there is no doubt that it's going to be outrageous.