10 Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts To Get Your Partner

While there’s no doubt that if you’re celebrating Valentine's Day you’ll be dropping cash on at least something, shouldn’t that something be a sexy Valentine's Day gift that makes a lasting impression? Or maybe even a gift that can be enjoyed long after the flowers die and your stomach has broken down that filet mignon into tiny bits that are just destined to become waste product? (I’m so romantic!)

If you’re thinking that, yes, you do want to get your partner something that lasts and lasts, then go the sexy route. Sure, eating lobster and Merlot is sexy, but not as sexy as a Valentine’s Day gift could be.

Although it was once a day in which couples celebrated their love for one another, Valentine’s Day has become a commercial phenomenon. Last year research found that Americans spent almost $19 billion on the day of love and romance, with the majority of those big spenders being under the age of 44. And, because it has been so commercialized, prices of things like the traditional dozen red roses and dinners are doubled and tripled. Being in love and showing that love, isn’t as cheap as it used to be.

Here are 10 sexy Valentine’s Day gifts to get your main squeeze this year.

1. The Naughty Coupon Book

Because everyone likes coupons, especially those that have a naughty theme! In giving your partner The Naughty Coupon Book, you’re not only NOT breaking the bank, but you’re extending Valentine’s Day out for more than just one day.

The Naughty Coupon Book, $5, Etsy

2. Blow Job In A Box

If you really want to make Valentine’s Day an extra special occasion, then you definitely want to give your partner a Blow Job in a Box. This isn’t just your run of-the-mill blow job, but one that includes all the necessary components to giving an amazing blow job: lube to make things nice and slippery, the Ophoria Finger Vibe to stimulate his balls and perineum, and of course the RingO cock, so orgasms can last even longer.

Blow Job In A Box, $25, Babeland

3. A Hot Night Of At-Home Burlesque

I took a burlesque class once, because I had dreams of wowing my partner at the time with all the moves I learned. But while I realized one class wasn’t going to turn me into a burlesque super star, I did realize that pasties are always a big hit. Pasties leave something to the imagination while you’re dancing around in your underwear. So if you’re the type of person who likes to entertain your partner, then buy some pasties and make a night of it.

Illusion Burlesque Pasties, $70, Etsy

4. French Maid Lingerie Set

For the couple who loves to role-play, you can’t go wrong by purchasing a costume. The French maid role is perfect because “Oops! I have to bend over this table to clean it!” and other fun scenarios. If you’ve never tried role-play because you don’t think you can pull it off, then Valentine’s Day is the the day to give it a try. Once you get into character, you’ll realize that it’s not just fun, but empowering to be someone else.

French Maid Lingerie Set, $99, Babeland

5. Couples Massage

There's is nothing sexier than giving and receiving a massage from your partner. Not only because it feels physically good, but it makes for delicious foreplay. While massages with lotion can be OK, what you really want is oil because it keeps things slippery and doesn't absorb so fast, extending the massage even longer.

Babeland Massage Oil, $14, Babeland

6. A Sex Workshop At Babeland

While I'm sure Babeland isn't the only place where you can find sex workshops, having gone to a few of them, I'm going to use them as a perfect example as to why this is a great Valentine's Day gift. For starters, you get to make a whole night of it: dinner, the class, perhaps purchasing some new toys to add to your collection, and best of all, it creates intimacy. Whether you opt for an oral sex workshop, a class that teaches the art of foreplay, or something else, in taking the class with your partner you're opening another very sexy door in your sex life and that can only be a good thing. And the best part is that a lot of the classes are free, so you can spend even more money on toys.

Babeland Events, Free and up to $35, Babeland

7. We-Vibe Passionate Play Collection

If you’re going to drop some of your hard earned cash on Valentine’s Day, then you better do it right. Doing it right means adding the magic of We-Vibe to your goody drawer. We-Vibe has made their name in giving couples exactly what their sex life needs. The We-Vibe Passionate Play Collection comes with the vibrator, the remote control, the charging stand, and a sash that’s perfect for either blindfolding or tying up your partner.

We-Vibe Passionate Play Collection, $199, Babeland

8. Bondage Rope Starter Set

If you’ve ever watched bondage porn with your partner and wondered how the hell they get all tied up like that, then with this gift you don’t need to wonder anymore. This super sexy Bondage Rope Starter Set is exactly what your relationship and Valentine’s Day needs. The ropes even come with scissors and a DVD, so all you need is you and your partner, and you’re ready to go.

Bondage Rope Starter Set, $85, Babeland

9. A Tango Class


If you've ever watched two people Tango, you know it's one of the hottest dances ever. Even if you and your partner aren't exactly the type of couple who takes a dance class, signing up for a Tango class for a Valentine's Day gift is stepping outside your comfort zone and trying something new ― and hot. Although you may find that you won't be winning any Tango dancing awards anytime soon, it will at least make for fun foreplay.

Wine and Tango Date Night (NYC), $50, Strictly Tango NYC

10. Fetish Fantasy Swing

Ever since that Sex and the City episode where Samantha tries out the sex swing, I've always thought that that would make a pretty sexy Valentine's Day gift ― if I were a Valentine's Day gift-giving kinda gal. But since I'm more of a "Netflix and Chill" kinda girl when it comes to V-Day celebrations, I've yet to make this purchase. However, that shouldn't stop you. The Fetish Fantasy Swing is hot, fun, and is perfect for more than one position. I think it definitely falls into the gift that keeps giving category.

Fetish Fantasy Swing, $160, Adam & Eve

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Images: Etsy; Babeland; Adam & Eve