You Need To See This Vintage Bowie & Gervais Video

Across the world, hearts broke on Monday when news spread that David Bowie died at age 69 after an 18-month battle with cancer. The British superstar was best known for his legendary rock-and-roll music, as well as his standout sense of style. Another trait that shouldn't be forgotten? His sense of humor. In a vintage clip of Bowie with Ricky Gervais, the "Changes" singer proves he has a sharp sense of humor, which also bodes well with his singing abilities. Gervais shared the video last year on Facebook as a way to celebrate Bowie's birthday, but it's relevant once again. (Even more so, since Gervais is making headlines himself after his controversial jokes when hosting the Golden Globes on Sunday night.)

This clip comes from Extras, a British sitcom about extras trying to make it in Hollywood, which even earned Gervais an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor. He wrote, created, and starred in the show with Stephen Merchant. In a 2006 episode aptly titled "David Bowie," Bowie made a memorable cameo. During the scene, Gervais tries to get fame advice from the singer by insisting they're both entertainers. He doesn't recognize Gervais' character and instead takes to the piano to sing an entire song about a "chubby, little loser" with a "pug-nosed face," who sold his soul and doesn't make anyone laugh. The comical lyrics take a pretty dark turn, but it's a prime moment between the two nevertheless.

Despite that belittling song, it's clear that Gervais admired Bowie on- and off-screen. After hearing about Bowie's death, the comedian took to Twitter to express his thoughts. Although usually known for making jokes, Gervais kept his tribute short and sweet.

There's no denying that Bowie's memory will certainly live on, and it's videos like these that serve of a reminder of how multi-talented he was.