Meet The Unicode 9 Emoji

David Becker/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Let's be honest: The real reason we love to text is because we get to play with emoji — and now the Unicode 9 emojis have been accepted, leaving the world waiting with bated breath to see which ones will make the final cut. Important note: The Unicode Consortium has accepted 74 new emojis, but this list could be revised before the official release in the middle of the year. Also, it is not guaranteed that all will be available in the next iOS or Android updates; that's up to the makers of the individual devices to decide. But we've got our fingers crossed (which is one of the new emoji, BTW)!

A number of factors go into deciding the next round of emoji, including popular requests and what can be used as gender-matching pairs. Unicode 8.0 brought us a variety of wonderful new emoji, including the upside-down face, the zipper mouth face, the adorable nerd face, and the bandaged head face. What is Unicode 9.0 gifting us with? Some of them are pretty good, and it leaves us wondering what 10.0 is going to look like. (Exciting!)

Here are my 10 favorite emoji from Unicode 9.0. Which ones are you most stoked about?

1. The Drooling Face

I can't tell you how many times I've looked exactly like this: A cute guy with a dog walks by, and suddenly you have a string of spit hanging from your chin.

2. The Avocado

Everyone's favorite source of healthy fats! You can put it in your salad. You can use it as chip dip. You can even slather it on your skin for a healthy glow. This is huge.

3. The ROFL Face

Was anyone actually still using the acronym ROFL? Please stop. Now there's an emoji for it.

4. The Pregnant Woman

Eight months pregnant? Can't see your feet anymore? There's an emoji for that.

5. The Selfie

Taking selfies gives me anxiety because I always look like a potato. Now we can tell our text buddies that we're taking selfies without actually taking selfies. Hooray!

6. The Nauseated Face

Whether it's morning sickness or a hangover, Unicode 9.0 has you covered.

7. The Baguette

This might be my personal favorite, because my very French boyfriend and I have been known to make entire meals out of a baguette.

Just kidding. That'd be gross.

Just kidding. It's actually amazing.

8. The Stuffed Flatbread

Nom nom nom! Put a little falafel in there. Maybe some tomatoes. A little hummus. Oh boy, I'm getting hungry.

9. The Butterfly

Become one with the butterfly, so vibrant and fearless.

But seriously — the attention to detail is impressive.

10. Clinking Glasses

Ace your history exam? Clink glasses. Dump your boyfriend? Clink glasses. Find a new apartment? Clink glasses. There's always a reason to celebrate.

Images: David Becker/Getty Images; Emojipedia (10)