Things From The '90s That Brought Incredible Joy

by Megan Grant
Demetrius Ervin decorates his hair with butterfly clips in remembrance of MaKhia Bryant during a ral...

From food to toys to TV and beyond, there were countless things that brought us incredible joy in the '90s. Sitting here reminiscing, I can remember experiencing pure, wholehearted happiness weekend mornings when my mom would make me Eggo waffles before my cartoons started. With a glass of chocolate milk (that I blew bubbles in through a curly straw) and my favorite episodes of Hey Arnold!, I was happy as a proverbial pig in dirt. We played with Barbies and Cabbage Patch Kids, not iPhones and hoverboards. Life was simple. Life was good.

And while kids today wouldn't even know what the hell a floppy disk is, I will never forget playing Oregon Trail on my computer and Donkey Kong on Nintendo. I will never forget the awkwardness of watching Kate Winslet naked in Titanic with my mom sitting right next to me. And I'll certainly never forget wishing I could move things with my eyes, like Matilda.

Taking a trip back into the '90s is always a blast. It reminds you of a time before you had to start paying taxes and go to the gyno. Here are 10 moments that still make us smile.

1. Hearing This Theme Song On A Saturday Morning

Doug, Full House, Step By Step — nothing beat television in the '90s. Saturday morning PJ and TV time was the bomb.

2. Playing With Old Cell Phones

Remember when cell phones used to be the size of bricks? Now, toddlers are using iPhones and have their own Instagram accounts.

3. Cher's Wardrobe Generator And Closet

Didn't we all want this? Watching Cher's morning routine, including selecting an outfit from her pathetically limited wardrobe (ha), always warmed my heart.

4. The Original Celeb #RelationshipGoals

Real or imagined, we all wanted a love like Justin and Britney, Leo and Kate, and Cory and Topanga.

5. Cosmic Brownies

Dessert for lazy people. So moist, so chocolatey. The colors!

6. Memorizing The Cheers And Choreography From Bring It On

Didn't we all want to be cheerleaders after this movie came out? Those girls had moves.

7. Butterfly Hair Clips

I remember going to school with a girl who covered her entire head with these. It was like a butterfly hair clip helmet.

8. The Pigtail Scene in Matilda

We all cheered for the little girl with the pigtails when Miss Trunchbull's evil plan to throw her by her hair ended with a lovely stroll through the flower field.

9. Hungry Hungry Hippos

This game required absolutely no skill. Why was it so much fun?

10. Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Ahhh, JTT. The boy every young girl drooled over. Actually, I still drool over him. Those eyes. That smile. Remember Wild America? Those three brothers were too much hotness for one movie. <3 <3 <3

Images: STEPHEN ZENNER/AFP/Getty Images; Giphy