Jessica Simpson's Daughter Is A Selfie Queen

Although Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera are typically hailed as the pop queens of the early '00s, Jessica Simpson shouldn't be forgotten. From her bubbly ballads to her fairytale romance with Nick Lachey, she was a superstar in her own right. Sadly, things with Lachey didn't work out, but Simpson is now happily married to Eric Johnson, so it's all good. She even has two adorable children, Maxwell Drew and Ace Knute. At just 3 years old, Maxwell already has quite a big personality. According to Instagram, Simpson's daughter taught her the art of taking selfies. Here's her very vital tip: "Be cool and kiss the camera mom."

In the adorable snapshot, Simpson and Maxwell look like twins. The "With You" singer learning how to take selfies is reminiscent of when she learned the difference between chicken and fish on national TV. Oh, the memories! Aside from her selfie skills, Maxwell is a pro in being sassy. Simpson recently shared another photo of her daughter strutting down the sidewalk in a turtleneck, top knot, and sneakers. Naturally, the 35-year-old mom captioned the photo, "#SASSYPANTS."

Little Maxi Drew proves that strong personalities run in the Simpson fam. Just look at Aunt Ashlee, who's always been true to herself. Here's a round-up of Maxwell's best moments thus far. Just like mom, this toddler is bound to be a star.

1. Selfie 101

Honestly, this is more helpful than anything Kylie Jenner ever taught me about selfies. Sometimes a person just needs specific instructions.

2. The Sass

Watch out, Gigi Hadid. There's about to be a new supermodel on the scene. (OK, maybe in like 15 years from now. But still, get ready!)

3. Posing With A Horse

Oh my goodness, I can't even handle that sass. And how cute is that mini fur coat? Unreal.

4. First Day Of School

I'm a big fan of that #BossLady hashtag. Teach them while they're young!

5. Cat

I think I've officially found my new reaction to everything. From the cat ears to the pose, this is perfect.

6. Swimming

That "fearless" caption feels very Taylor Swift. Maxwell proves it's never too cold for a swim.

Is it weird to aspire to be more like a 3-year-old? Because honestly, Maxwell Drew is totally attitude goals.