6 Hairstyles You Should Probably Try

There are many ladies out there who have had every hairstyle under the sun. And then there are the rest of us — the ones who run screaming from salons at the mere mention of the word "bangs." But really, what's got us so scared of a hairstyle change?

I say "us" because I definitely fell into the latter group. Up until this year I had what I called hippie hair. I never never dyed it, except for the occasional Sun-In mishap, and I never cut it, save for a few pathetic attempts at getting bangs. I was quite happy with my natural hair. After all, it's totally cool to leave it alone and not let it be a huge part of your life.

If that's your reason for not changing your hair, then go ahead and keep doing your thing. But if you are secretly wishing and hoping for the guts to switch up your look, I say just go ahead and do it. I get that you're probably nervous at the thought of maintenance, or the expensive salon tips, or the very real concern that it simply won't look good.

I have to say, however, that the fun of changing up your look is totally worth it. When I finally cut my hair (see the story below), I had that "why did I wait all these years?" moment. I'm sure the same will happen for you, if and when you decide to make a change.

If you're ready to take the plunge, then check out some of these cuts and colors I think everyone should have at least once. If not, then check out the super cute styles you can try to not-so-permanently change up your look.

1. French Braid Pigtails, À La Kylie Jenner

French braids and pigtails both conjure up thoughts of elementary school. So putting them together may seem even more 4th grade than you're willing to go. But trust me when I say this is a shockingly cute hairstyle. I saw it on Kylie Jenner and thought it looked oh so very put together, while also being fresh and youthful. It'll offer a pretty nice change for those of us who want to look different, as long as we can undo it at the end of the day.

2. An Interesting (Hopefully Rainbow) Color

This can be obviously be drastic, or not so drastic, depending on the color you choose. Going a shade or two darker or lighter can completely change your look, brighten your complexion, make your eyes stand out, etc. So if you want something new, but can't stomach rainbow hair, then this may be the way to go. Or, you can simply throw caution to the wind and get the vibrant color you've always wanted. Personally, I love the look of light pink because I think it goes well with every skin tone.

3. The Infamous Pixie Cut

Ah yes, the pixie — the ultimate scary hairstyle. The pixie cut is quite the undertaking and quite the commitment. It removes your long strands, so there's nothing to hide behind. It's high maintenance and requires frequent trips to the salon. The growing out period takes forever. Oh, and it comes with all sorts of stigmas, such as "women can't be beautiful with short hair." (See? Quite the undertaking indeed.) And yet I can't think of anyone I know who's regretted their pixie. Everyone says they feel more confident and sexier than ever. So yes, it's a nerve-racking haircut. But the feeling of a freedom that follows is something we should all treat ourselves to at least once.

4. Totally Natural Hair

I used to trudge off to the salon every few months for my customary trim, until one fateful day when I decided I was done. After that day I didn't go back, or trim my hair, for another five years (I wasn't joking about the hippie hair). Now I'm not saying everyone should do this, especially because it is considered a good idea to cut off split ends. But let me tell you, during those five years I had the most luscious mermaid hair you ever did see. It was long and scraggly and wild, and I loved it. Not only did it grow into the perfect natural look, but I loved the freedom of just not caring about it. No dying, no trimming, no salon bills. It was pure bliss.

5. An Over-The-Top Glam Look

You can do your natural hair thing, or you can spend hours in the bathroom trying to perfect the Pin Up look. This 1950s style takes quite a bit of practice with a curling iron, but once you get it right there really is nothing more lovely. It's like bright red lipstick for your head — quite the striking change, but nothing you can't undo.

6. Straight Across Bangs (Yes, Straight Across)

Straight, blunt bangs are right up there with the pixie cut when it comes to horrifying hair prospects. And yet we all stare at the likes of Zooey Deschanel and dream of the day when we too can have such fringe. This was totally me, for years and years. I always told myself I'd do it, but each time I went to the salon I'd cop out and get "side bangs." But remember how I said I didn't cut my hair for five years? Well, when I finally did, I went big. I got the straight across, thick bangs I'd always wanted, and couldn't have been happier. They were not as high maintenance as everyone said they'd be, so from my experience I can recommend them. However I do think you need a few things to make them work: a large forehead, and straight, dry hair. Bangs can work if you have differently textured hair, but may require a bit of straightening. Still, I say go for it and live out your fringe-y dreams.

Go after your hair goals — cut it off, dye it, leave it alone for years and years. Do whatever makes you happy, and don't be afraid to experiment. After all, it will grow back.