11 "When We Were Young" Lyrics That Just Get You

If there's anything you should've learnt by now, it's that there's nothing more emotional than an Adele song. "Hello" may have broken hearts and provoked tears worldwide, but "When We Were Young" is sure to take being emotional to a whole new level. Luckily for anyone who's not yet joined the very popular club by buying 25, Adele's nnewsingle "When We Were Young" is available to stream right now. So start playing it on repeat immediately, but have some tissues and a big cake at the ready, because you're going to need some help. The "When We Were Young" lyrics will describe all your feels, and you should really prepare yourself right now.

The tempo of "When We Were Young" is totally different from "Hello," but the subject matter feels similar in many ways. The song sees Adele bumping into an old flame and instantly reminiscing about the time they spent together in the past. Even though years have passed, her feelings are still so fresh, and Adele's appreciation for this ex is just beautiful. It's less tear-inducing than other Adele songs, and feels like a much more mature look at relationships gone by. Here are all the times Adele's new single described all of your feelings at once.

1. "Everybody Loves The Things You Do. From The Way You Talk, To The Way You Move."

With this lyric, which kicks off "When We Were Young," Adele sums up the way it feels to really observe someone and acknowledge how amazing they are. We've all been there, and can appreciate when someone is special, even down to the smallest of details, like the way they speak or walk.

2. "You Feel Like Home, You're Like A Dream Come True."

If you've ever felt as strongly about someone as Adele does here, you'll know what a crazy special feeling it is when you meet someone who feels like home. Being completely comfortable around someone is so rare, and the highest praise Adele could give.

3. "But If By Chance You're Here Alone."

This is the sneakiest and best way to ask if someone has a girlfriend, partner, wife, whatever. Surely everyone can relate to wanting to ask a person outright if they're available to date, but not wanting to come out and just say it.

4. "I've Been By Myself All Night Long, Hoping You're Someone I Used To Know."

This is a little bit of a stalker move, standing and watching someone all night, and thinking how great they look. I know I've most definitely done this, so...

5. "You Look Like A Movie."

When you meet someone who makes you feel the way Ryan Gosling in The Notebook does, you'll know they're super special.

6. "Let Me Photograph You In This Light In Case This Is The Last Time..."

For when you wished you could stop time and hold on to the how things were in that one crucial and perfect moment.

7. "Nobody Told Me That You'd Be Here."

Knowing that a person from your past would be there wouldn't have made it better. But turning up and bumping into an old flame is always a shock, and it's hard to gather your thoughts and feelings at once.

8. "I Swear You'd Moved Overseas."

Who hasn't spent years wondering what has happened to your ex, inventing a plot that was probably far from fact?

9. "A Part Of Me Keeps Holding On Just In Case."

Stop stalking your exes on social media. We've all done this way more often than we should.

10. "I Guess I Still Care. Do You Still Care?"

Bit of a dreaded question, but one we've probably all thought or asked at one time or another.

11. "I'm So Mad I'm Getting Old."

Even though Adele is 27 and nowhere near as old as she seems to think, nothing makes us realise how much time has passed as running into an ex does.

Listen to the song again and don't say I didn't warn you that it'd give you all the feels.

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