11 Signs That Aria Is Not Over Ezra On 'PLL'

Before you try to tell me how awful and wrong the relationship between former teacher Ezra Fitz and his favorite student Aria Montgomery is, there's something you should know about me. I'm a long-term Ezria-shipper, and nothing or no one has been able to change that. While the way that their relationship started was totally wrong for a million reasons, the connection they have is completely genuine, and the longer they know each other, the more they care for each other. While Ezra and Aria aren't together in Season 6B of Pretty Little Liars, I have a lot of hope that at some point in the future they will be once again. Which is why I've started following the many clues that suggest that Aria is not over Ezra, even remotely. And vice versa. But let's focus on Aria for now.

While Ezra might be mourning the fact that his girlfriend Nicole has gone missing, and Aria is very much ensconced with a new man, the former pair still have a strong connection. No one needs me to detail the signs that suggest Aria is still in love with Ezra, because it's so blatant and obvious. But let's lay it all down anyway, because it's important, y'all.

1. Aria Offers To Tell A Massive Lie For Ezra

The bond between Aria and Ezra is so strong, she's ready to lie to the police and her friends if Ezra wants her to. She wants to protect him at all costs.

2. Aria's Compliments Are Pretty Brazen

When you tell a man he's compassionate, sensitive, and kind, it's kinda obvious what you're after, if you know what I'm saying.

3. She Acknowledges All The Ways Ezra Has Changed

It feels as though Aria has committed to memory the last time she saw Ezra, and that she knows him so well she knows everything about him, how ever much time they spend apart.

4. She Looks At Him All Googly Eyed

After years apart, Aria still looks at Ezra she's seeing him for the first time, and she likes the view. A lot.

5. Aria Defends Ezra To Her Current Boyfriend

Aria's current boyfriend thinks that Ezra was her teacher and nothing more. While he doesn't know the truth (yet), Aria is constantly blunt with him about Ezra. It's clear who her priority is.

6. This Pause When Emily Suggests Ezra's Book Is About Aria

Aria knows that it is, because what they had was a romance of book-worthy proportions.

7. She Playfully Touches Him

You know the last time I playfully pushed a man like this when he wasn't already my boyfriend? When I wanted him to be.

8. She Might Be A Tiny Bit Happy That Nicole Is Out Of The Picture

While Aria would never wish harm on anyone (I don't even believe that sentence having read so many theories that suggest Aria is A), she's probably relieved that Nicole is out of the picture, and Ezra is all hers once again.

9. Aria Freaks Out When She Can't Find Ezra

A girlfriend would be perfectly within her rights to freak out if her boyfriend went missing. But Aria takes Ezra's disappearance personally, because she's still in love with him.

10. Aria Doesn't Want Ezra To Lose His Book Contract

Aria starts writing Ezra's second book for him when he goes missing, so that he doesn't lose his job. Who would go to so much effort?

11. She Defends Him To The End, Even When He May Have Murdered Someone

"Leave him alone Emily! So what if he murdered someone? It's fine, he's a nice guy. Just chill, OK?"

TOTAL L-O-V-E if you ask me. The case rests. Aria is in love with Ezra Fitz. Here's hoping he still feels the same.

Images: Freeform ianshardin; fitzandmontgomery; thomasangster/Tumblr