Is Olivia Working At A News Station After 'The Bachelor'? The Contestant Is Used To Being A TV Personality

She may not be excelling at reading social or romantic cues while battling for Ben Higgins' attention on The Bachelor , but contestant Olivia Caridi is no stranger to reading the news. After Feb. 1's cliffhanger episode, her future on The Bachelor seems rocky, so newscaster Olivia may be back working at a news station before you know it. Prior to getting Season 20's villain edit, her ABC bio said that Olivia worked as a news anchor and reporter for WCYB-TV in Virginia. But, she later revealed on The Bachelor season premiere that she had left her job to join the show. But, now that the show has finished filming is Olivia back at work in her chosen field? Bustle reached out to Olivia for comment but has not yet received a response.

The station she worked on pre-Bachelor, Virginia's WCYB, still has her news anchor and reporter profile active on its website, but since Olivia confirmed she left that job to try to win Ben's attentions on The Bachelor and there is no updated footage of her, it's safe to say she's not back at the media outlet. Plus, in the Q&A section of her website, Olivia answered the question, "Was it a bad idea to leave your job to find love on a television show?" by saying the following:

No I don’t think so. I gave up my job to be on the show, but I did not give up my career. I am confident that I will get another job in broadcast news to continue my career in the television news industry. In TV news, we move often in the early stages of our careers. Leaving for a new station or a new opportunity after a year or two is quite common.
Olivia Caridi on YouTube

While there is nothing on any of Olivia's social media outlets (Instagram, Twitter, or her blog) about landing a job at another news station since she finished filming The Bachelor, she understandably has to keep things a bit quiet about her future since she's still on The Bachelor ... for now. Currently, based on her Instagram, the reality contestant has been enjoying traveling the country. For example, two weeks ago, Olivia was in Nashville.

And, only three days ago, she was snorkeling in Hawaii, but according to her blog, she returned from the Hawaii trip on Feb. 5. So, she likely isn't actively working at a news station this moment.

As easy as it is for viewers to mock Olivia for her overconfidence or her meme-ability, I'm impressed with how professional her news reels are. Though, it must be said that, while The Bachelor has given Olivia national press, I'm not sure how great it has been for people taking her seriously in the role of delivering the news.

Olivia Caridi on YouTube

Still, it seems she's got the news reporter goods to have a successful career post-Bachelor. So, fans don't worry about the fate of her working life — I'd be much more worried about her fate with Ben.

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Image: Eniac Martinez/ABC