43 Things Every Makeup-Obsessed Person Understands

The habits of some people obsessed with makeup might seem quite alarming to someone who isn't as keen on beauty products. Spending hours watching tutorials on YouTube and buying copious amounts of similar beauty products could seem a little outrageous, yet they are actions that many humans obsessed with makeup likely understand.

As my fellow makeup lovers know, there isn't much that most of us wouldn't do for makeup. Even the smallest interest in cosmetics has the power to slowly but surely develop into an obsession with beauty products, leading anyone to hoard lipsticks or collect mascaras as though it were their job (I speak from experience). While those things might seem innocent enough, they can quickly elevate you to another level at which tears are shed for discontinued products, state lines are crossed to find that coveted lip color, and sleep is abandoned as the hours are counted down until the launch of the next "it" collection (here's to you, Kylie Jenner).

This is my world, and I'm willing to bet similar sentiments have been felt by many of my fellow makeup lovers. Here are 44 things people obsessed with makeup can probably understand. From the joys of finding dupes to organizing your makeup flawlessly, get ready to laugh (and possibly cry) at these truths.

1. The Joys Of Finding A New & Amazing Dupe

And feeling like you just found a pot of gold underneath a rainbow.

2. The Tragedy Of Hitting The Pan

It feels like only yesterday that I bought you, little one. Sobs.

3. The Despair After Breaking Off The Bullet Of A Lipstick

And feeling like the world is going to end. NOOOOOOOOO.

4. Having To Call Every Beauty Shop In Your Area To Find A Product

"Uhm, hello. It's me again."

5. The Ugly Crying When One Of Your Favorite Products Gets Discontinued

Do beauty brands know how heartbreaking it is when they discontinue products?

6. Buying As Many Of Those Discontinued Products As Possible Before They're Gone

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick, $5, Buy Me Beauty

Must buy enough to last until the end of time.

7. Buying All The Products In A Line Or Brand

That's loyalty.

8. Forcing Yourself To Use All The Colors In A Palette

You just want them to know that they're all beautiful, and that you love them equally.

9. Swatching Everything At Sephora

If your hand doesn't look like that, then you're doing something wrong.

10. Subscribing To Every Makeup Vlogger On YouTube

We're all on a first name basis.

11. Watching Makeup Tutorials On YouTube For Hours On End

Yes, I'd actually love to watch a 40-minute makeup tutorial on how to recreate Adele's beauty look from her "Hello" video.

12. Finding Lipsticks You Never Knew You Owned In Your Purse

It's like a never-ending treasure hunt.

13. Not Using A Product Because You Love It So Much

It's too good. I'm not worthy.

14. Buying A Product Only Because Its Packaging Is Pretty

Save the Bees Palette, $83, Chante Caille

The packaging is where it's at.

15. Holding Onto A Product Even Though You Hate It

I can't just throw it away!

16. Being That Person At Your Local Beauty Store

If you're blocking the Benefit aisle, you're basically asking to get pushed.

17. Putting On Too Much Glitter & Loving It

You can never sparkle too hard.

18. Washing Your Makeup Brushes Obsessively

It's a tedious process, but washing your makeup brushes must be done.

19. Or Not Washing Them At All


20. Putting A Down Payment On A Set Of Good Brushes

Makeup brushes are not cheap, especially the best of the best. A word of advice? Put them on your credit card and try not to think about it all until it's absolutely necessary.

21. Having A Primer For Everything

Foundation primer, eye primer, lip primer, mascara primer. How else would you do it?

22. Making Your Own Makeup

Whether it's something as simple as shattering your powder and fixing it, or turning three different lip colors into the perfect one, makeup lovers are typically very creative. And we're not afraid to DIY something if need be.

23. Organizing Your Makeup Collection On A Daily Basis

Makeup organization is a hobby, not a chore.

24. Taking Too Many Selfies In A Gorgeous Lip Color


25. Giving Yourself A Pat On The Back When Your Eyeliner Is Perfect

As everyone who has ever applied eyeliner knows, it ain't easy. But when you finally perfect a flick, it's worth a little congratulations.

26. Applying A Full Face At Ungodly Hours, For No Reason At All

I was bored, and my makeup was calling my name.

27. Always Doing Your Friends' Makeup Because They Ask

"Fineeee, I guess I'll do your makeup."

28. Owning 37 Red Lipsticks & Loving Them All For Different Reasons

This one has a blue undertone. This one's more orange-based. This one's got a matte finish. See? They're different, I swear.

29. Keeping 12 Different Foundations In Rotation

I can't not use them.

30. Posting About Makeup Way Too Often On Social Media

#NoShame, round two.

31. Expertly Doing Your Makeup In 30 Minutes

Give me 30 minutes and I'll apply my foundation, concealer, get my contour on, make sure my brows are on fleek, get my eyeliner finished, apply my mascara, and throw on a nude lip. I clearly did not wake up like this.

32. Celebrating When Your Highlight/Contour Is On Fleek

My cheekbones don't sparkle like this on their own accord.

33. When You Buy A Product Twice On Accident & You're Not Even Mad About It

The more the merrier, am I right?

34. When Your Lipstick Is A Great Formula

Insert the praise hands emoji here.

35. When You Use A Product For The First Time & Are Speechless

There are actually no words.

36. Counting Down The Days Until The Next Best Makeup Collab Drops

Only a few more days until MAC X Zac Posen...

37. Keeping Up With The Trendy Makeup Lingo

Strobing, baking, highlighting. To someone obsessed with makeup, these terms mean everything.

38. The Best Makeup Advice You've Ever Gotten Is Blend, Blend, Blend

But really, blend!

39. Overcoming The Fear Of Eyelash Curlers

Shiseido Eyelash Curler, $19, Sephora

They were once as scary as a unblended eyeshadow, but now they're you're best friend.

40. Having A Personal Set Of Holy Grail Products

The beauty products that will come with me to the grave.

41. Finding The Best Lighting To Apply Your Makeup

Even if it's a square foot in the corner of your room that you have to move furniture to get to.

42. When You Have Enough Eyeshadow To Last A Lifetime

If each eyeshadow has a shelf life of two years before going bad, and I have 156 of them, then I'm all sorted!

43. When You Realize You're Obsessed With Makeup

Um, yeah. Maybe I am addicted.

So there you have it, beloved beauty fans. It takes hard work, passion, and some insanity to maintain an obsession with makeup. But the crazy is all worth it when your lashes are perfectly curled, your foundation is applied flawlessly, and your eyebrows are on fleek. Cheers to makeup!

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Images: Melodi Erdogan