Every '90s Kid Had These Things In Their JanSport

by Megan Grant

Going to school in the '90s took a lot of planning. You had to carefully preselect your writing and coloring tools, carrying cases, snacks... you know, the things every '90s kid had in their JanSport backpack. School supplies weren't just about purpose and functionality; they also represented your personality and who you were. They had character, often displaying your favorite cartoon, boy band, or Disney movie. And even though classes could be boring as hell, you made them fun with scratch-and-sniff stickers, scented markers, and color-changing pens. The items you carried around also helped you find kindred spirits — other people who loved Backstreet Boys, ate Lunchables in the cafeteria, and had slap bracelets stacked up their arms.

I remember my JanSport contents quite vividly. I had a Hello Kitty pencil case and was obsessed with mechanical pencils. (Why do adults always have to write in pen?) My mom would pack me Dunkaroos as a special snack, and Hi-C juice boxes acted as a serving of fruit. And I never had to worry about messing my 'do during gym class, because she always remembered to send me off to school with an extra scrunchie in tow.

What did you carry around in your JanSport backpack? Remember these guys?

1. A Trapper Keeper

You know those people who carry around enormous purses? (Guilty!) Trapper Keepers were kind of the '90s equivalent.

2. A Colorful Selection Of Writing Tools

Mechanical pencils? Check. Milky pens? Check. Oversized pencil toppers? Check.

3. A Pencil Case

Some people would only carry around a pen, pencil, and highlighter. Amateurs. Your extensive collection definitely necessitated an entire case.

4. Fruit By The Foot And A Bag Of Bugles

We were big fans of playing with our food in the '90s. Fruit By The Foot doubled as a makeshift weapon, and you couldn't eat the Bugles unless your wear doing it off your fingertips.

5. Coordinating Lunchbox and Thermos

We called it "lunching in style." I always felt so proper sipping from the tiny Thermos top.

6. An Ice Cold Capri Sun

Good luck getting the straw in without the damn thing leaking everywhere.

7. A Collection Of Notes And Cootie Catchers

Remember notes — vintage texting?

8. The Butterfly Hair Clip You Misplaced A Week Ago

There was always a nice surprise waiting at the bottom of your JanSport backpack.

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