9 Emergency Fixes For A Bad Haircut

If there's one beauty emergency that requires an immediate fix, it's a bad haircut. And while I would never wish a miss-chop upon anyone, there are plenty of emergency fixes for a bad haircut if it does happen. We'd all love to be patient and just let our hair grow out naturally, but that doesn't fix the problem in the meantime. These options let you explore your creativity and play with your hair so that, no matter how bad the haircut or how much you dislike it, you can still rock your look.

It's true that there's no product or treatment that can relieve the pain a bad haircut the way a pencil can treat over plucked brows or a face mask can brighten dull skin. But if you do leave the hair salon unhappy, there are quite a few quick fixes that can temporarily make a bad haircut not so bad after all. Plus, they can help you approach the problem in a creative way, allowing you to really change up your look and try new things. When else do you have a built-in excuse to go for those blue extensions you've always wanted?

From rocking wigs to wearing hair clips and accessories like you never have before, here are nine emergency fixes for a bad haircut. While this particular beauty dilemma may seem like a dead end, there are actually plenty of ways to make the most of it.

1. Throw On A Wig Or Extensions

If there's one thing I learned about Kylie Jenner's penchant for changing her hair so often, it's that we don't necessarily have to be restricted to one hair color — or even one hair cut. Her refreshing take on hair proves that you don't have to have one perfect 'do to be happy, and that you can rock different looks as well.

So, take a que from Jenner's book if you're unhappy with your haircut and throw on a wig or rock some extensions. That way, while your natural hair grows out, you can experiment with other cuts and colors and find one you like. Or, like Jenner, just keep changing it to try anything and everything!

2. Get Another Cut

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Walking right back into the salon might seem like the last thing you'd want to do after a bad hair cut, but it may be the fastest fix. A new stylist might be able to work around what you've got and fix up a botched cut.

3. Work In Some Hair Accessories

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One of the biggest mistakes I personally made with a bad hair cut in the past was thinking that I could style it the same way I always have and get the same results. Obviously, that did not work and I was in for a rude awakening. Avoid that situation by trying out new styles and accessories to pair with your 'do and not just sticking to your old favorites. You may not have previously thought headbands were your thing (no offense, Blair Waldrof), but your mid-length cut might look so chic with one.

4. Try New Hair Products

The same goes for hair products as well. Mousse may have made your long, layered hair weighed down and crunchy, but for your new asymmetrical bob? That same mousse might give you volume and definition. Remember that your hair care routine won't be exactly the same with your new cut, so try products your stylist recommends to make your hair look the best it can be.

5. Experiment With Treatments

When it comes to treatments, you'll also have to make sure you update your routine to help your 'do along. Sure, you might not be super happy with your new lob, but if you regularly apply a moisturizing hair mask, like a yogurt and honey DIY concoction, to give it shine and sleek texture, you might grow to love it. Look for certain hair treatments that may benefit your cut based on your natural texture and the look you're going for, and find what works best for you.

6. Play Around With Hair Tools

It's worth experimenting with hair tools as well, especially if you really hate your latest cut. Hot rollers may have seemed frightening before, but they could give your layered bob the volume that might actually prompt you to like your hair. Research hair tools, and experiment with them on your new cut. You may very well be surprised with what makes your strands selfie-ready. Your caption: new hair, new me!

7. Research Different Hairstyles

One of the bright sides of a new hair cut, now matter how bad, is that it gives you a brand new canvas. Throw in some braids, rock a bun, or even try an up 'do you've never mastered before. Take that iffy look as a challenge and work it into something totally chic. No matter how short your hair is, you'd be surprised how many different ways you can style it.

8. Shop For Some Cute Hats

Stay Afloat Straw Boater Hat, $28,

Hats are the quintessential way to fix a rough hair day. Use your bad haircut as an excuse to shop for hats hat you'll be excited to wear. It may not be realistic for everyday, but popping on a hat when your hair looks less than satisfactory can easily and stylishly fix the problem. While it's much easier to get away with this trick during the winter, you can also pull it off in the summer with sun hats.

9. Take Note Of What To Avoid

Finally, a sure fire way to fix a bad haircut is to make sure you know exactly what to avoid the next time you step into the salon. We all have at least one bad hair cut experience, and there are plenty of tips and trick for making the most of it. But if you take anything away from the experience, it's how to make sure it doesn't happen again. Whether it's the way you spoke to your stylist, the photo you brought in as inspiration, or even just the way you felt, it all makes a difference.

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