13 Totally '90s Shirts You Definitely Loved Back In The Day — PHOTOS

The '90s was an interesting time for fashion and style, to say the least. While I can get behind the revival of fun items like chokers and jelly sandals, there are some pieces from the decade that should definitely stay in the past — including some of these shirts you definitely loved in the '90s. From bra tops to strapless bustiers, these were the stylish blouses we all wore (or wanted to wear) back then, whether we'd like to admit it or not.

It's hard to believe that only 20 years ago we were in the thick of the '90s, where spaghetti straps and popcorn shirts ruled supreme. I don't know about you, but I'm relieved to say the least that we're not rocking those specific styles today. But that doesn't discount the fact that we all loved them back then. Shirts as horribly cringe-worthy as scrunchy tank top were considered cute, stylish, and trendy back in the '90s. Don't even lie, we know you had one lying in your wardrobe back in 1999. And if you didn't, then you totally wished you did!

Ahead, you'll find some absolutely fantastic shirts we all loved back in the '90s. From slinky metallic tank tops to lingerie-inspired halters, these are just a handful of the blouses that defined trends back then.

1. The Slinky Crop Top


What better place to start than with the slinky crop top? I remember when pop stars in the '90s, including Jennifer Lopez above, would rock these for every event they attended. The piece was stylish, but didn't exactly stand the test of time. Sorry, slinky crop top! You belong in the '90s.

2. The Lingerie Inspired Halter


How many '90s trends can you spot in this photo of Christina Aguilera? Yes, the lingerie inspired halter top is only one of them.

3. The Sheer Black Tank Top


Gwyneth Paltrow has flawless style, but even she couldn't escape the outdated trends of the '90s. Check out her spaghetti strap tank top made of a sheer fabric.

4. The Spaghetti Strap Blouse

JON LEVY/AFP/Getty Images

I'm pretty sure everyone wanted to rock a spaghetti strap blouse like Sarah Jessica Parker's back in the '90s. It was chic, simple, and totally pretty.

5. The Cut-Up Biker Top

Oh, Britney. I'm pretty sure everything you wore in the 90s could personify the trends of the decade because you were, well, the '90s fashionista. This cropped biker T-shirt is simply just one of many!

6. The Strapless Bustier

Victoria Beckham is without a doubt one of my favorite '90s style stars, because really, how much more iconic can you get than The Spice Girls? Her leather strapless bustier from 1999 is flawless. But would you expect anything less from Posh Spice herself? Nope, didn't think so.

7. The Thin Tank Top


Mariah Carey rocked this thin tank top like it was nobody's business. With her thumbs through her belt loops, I don't think this photo could get any more '90s.

8. The Popcorn Blouse

Ahh, the tried and true popcorn blouse. They were all the rage back in the '90s, and from what I hear you can still randomly find them in pharmacies nowadays. But unless you think this style is coming back (I really, truly hope it doesn't) then I wouldn't rush to get one.

9. The Bright Colored Crop Top


Kate Winslet's bright-colored blouse is definitely indicative of the tight crop tops everyone wore back then. Paired with oversized blazers and ill-fitting pants? It's your ticket back to '90s fashion.

10. The Bra Top


I'm convinced Madonna could pretty much make anything trendy and cool. But this bullet bra top was definitely a game-changer. I don't forsee this style making a comeback, but hey, what do I know? We may just be rocking pointy breasts before you know it!

11. The Tie Up Button Down

Jennifer Aniston looks so chic with her tied-up button down shirt, no? I admittedly would wear this style today.

12. The Embellished Tank Top


Remember that tank top you used to have that had the dangling beads, or perhaps the sheer floral fabric detailing on it? Well, you can thank Cindy Crawford circa 1999 for making that style popular.

With the way things are going, we may just be rocking these '90s trends again soon. Let's just hope that doesn't include those popcorn shirts!

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