15 Micro Tattoos For Modest & Modern Couples

Love is a lot of things. Sometimes it's so all-encompassing that you can't wait to tell the world about your relationship. Other times you want to share your love privately and in a deeply personal way. For those who fit into the latter category, beautiful micro tattoos might just provide a subtle way to honor a relationship.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with wanting to show off your tattoos, including ones that pay homage to a partner. Maybe you got an ink illustration of a scene from a movie you both love, or you're rocking alternative wedding ring tattoos instead of traditional bands. I totally understand wanting to share that kind of bond with the world. But if you're someone who prefers not to wear their heart on their sleeve, or you like keeping things between you and your partner private, you might want to go for micro tattoos that are trickier to spot.

Having the same small or cleverly hidden tattoo as your partner is a really cool way of sharing a little secret. In this digital age of ours, it's almost impossible to keep personal things private. So if you want to keep your love on the down low and share something totally sacred with your partner, consider getting a beautiful micro tattoo instead. Here's a good place to start.

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1. The Queen & King Of Hearts

These quirky playing card-inspired tattoos are a super cute way of showing your affections.

2. The Teddy Tattoos

Make a nostalgic nod to your childhood sweetheart or the time your loved one gifted you an adorable stuffed toy.

3. The Nautical Ink

If you're both from the seaside, these nautical-style tattoos could pay homage to your shared heritage. These designs would also work well for adventurous folks.

4. The Minimal Designs

Couples who want to keep things simple will probably love these minimal "X" and "O" tats, symbolizing hugs and kisses.

5. The Infinity Ink

Do you picture yourself being with your partner forever? Check out these cute infinity symbol tattoos worn secretly on the side of the finger.

6. The Disney Designs

Could there be any teeny tats cuter than these adorable Mickey and Minnie Mouse tattoos sharing a smooch?

7. The Yin & Yang Tattoos

You might be complete opposites, but that probably doesn't stop you from being perfect for each other. Couples who are like chalk and cheese are sure to appreciate these classic yin and yang tattoos.

8. The Subtle Tattoos

If you're searching for something incredibly subtle, these tiny half-heart designs could be what you're looking for.

9. The Regal Ink

Treating your partner like royalty should be a given, so wear a regal crown tattoo to pay your respects to the king or queen in your life.

10. The Two-Part Tattoos

These tiny tattoos fit together like a jigsaw puzzle to spell the word "LOVE." Put your own spin on this ink like the wearer on the left, who has turned their "O" into a Disney-inspired design.

11. The Romantic Designs

Share a truly romantic tattoo with your partner who holds the key to your heart.

12. The Simple Initials

Choose to get your partner's initial tattooed on your finger in your favorite font for a cool, no-frills micro tattoo.

13. The Music Lovers' Tattoos

Maybe you and your partner are musicians. Or you both like the same genre. Even if you're into totally different types of music, these symbols will look impeccable.

14. The Sun & Moon

These simple moon and sun tattoos are as different as night and day when apart, but when they're put together they become one. Just like you and your partner.

15. The Pinky Ink

Make a pinky promise to your partner with these sweet micro tattoos.

Love doesn't always have to mean grand gestures, Facebook relationship status updates, or engagement ring snaps on social media. Show your love in a much subtler way with micro tattoos for couples.

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