How To Stylishly Show Off Your Awesome Rib Tattoo

Unless your tattoo is extremely personal, chances are you probably want to show off your beautiful ink. Tattoos are works of art that IMO, are meant to be shared, so you might want to discover different ways to show off your cool rib tattoo. The rib cage is a wonderful place to get inked, because it means you can easily hide your tattoo or show it off, depending on how you feel. There's a seductive intrigue surrounding rib tattoos due to their location — only people you are intimate with know about them, unless you choose to show them off.

The rib tattoo seems to be having a moment in the spotlight, as a whole host of celebs have been seen sporting tats in this alluring spot. Lea Michele has a seemingly heartfelt rib tattoo that says, "My Angel Now," Miley Cyrus bears the words, "Just Breathe" on her ribs, and Rita Ora has an enchanting, vintage style lady tattooed on her ribcage.

Of course, no-one should feel pressured to showcase their ink or discuss their tattoo's meaning if they want to keep it private. But, if you want to flaunt your gorgeous rib tattoo, here's a bunch of ways you can do so.

1. The Low-Plunge

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Channel Dianna Agron showing off her, "Mary had a little lamb" script tattoo on her ribcage, by wearing a dress or top with a deep plunge.

Petite Sarah Plunge Drape Maxi Dress, $35, Boohoo

A dress featuring a deep plunge and constructed from a floaty fabric will give you a romantic, ethereal vibe.

2. The Halter Neck

Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Rock a halter neck dress like Rumer Willis to show off your ribcage tattoo too.

Iconic By UV Plus Size 1950s Pink Gingham Halter San Vicente Swing Dress, $98, Unique-vintage

Opt for a halter neck dress to proudly flaunt an underarm or back ribcage tattoo. Pick a more risqué halter shape for tattoos located lower on the ribs.

3. The Sports Bra

If you lead an active lifestyle, why not give passers-by a flash of your ink, while wearing a sports bra?

Medium Impact – Heathered Crisscross-Back Sports Bra, $15, Forever21

If your tattoo is low enough, any sports bra will do the job. However, if it's in a higher position, you can opt for a style that will encompass your ink.

4. The Backless Dress

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Selena Gomez is spotted here wearing a decadent, backless dress and showing off her Arabic tattoo, which translates to, "Love Yourself First."

Silence + Noise Harness Strap Open Back Dress, $59, Urbanoutfitters

Look like a total babe like Selena in this open back dress, that's sure to highlight your rib cage tattoo.

5. The Crop Top

Most crop tops should work well, especially if your rib tattoo runs down your body.

Print Crop Top, $35, Chubbycartwheels

If in doubt, choose a super cropped style to ensure your ink will be seen.

6. The Carefully Placed Cut-Out

Find a dress that looks like it was made for you, with a coincidentally placed cut-out that plays peek-a-boo with your tattoo.

Rib Cut-Out Skater, $70, Topshop

This sunshine yellow skater with rib cut-outs is the perfect partner to your ribcage tattoo.

7. The Sheer Top

Utilize a sheer top to show your rib tattoo in all its glory.

Asos Curve Longline T-Shirt in Polka Dot Mesh, $34, Asos

Make a statement in a daring sheer top, because sometimes you don't want to leave anything to the imagination.

8. The Side Split Vest

Go for a casual and contemporary vibe in a side split vest that shows off your beloved body art.

Drop Back Hem Side Split Vest Grey, $14, Missguidedus

Wear a bandeau or a pretty bra underneath your side split vest to make a stylish statement. Alternatively, go braless and free and embrace your side boob!

9. The Mesh Bodysuit

Plus Ellie Mesh Panel Bodysuit, $10, Boohoo

Have fun with a mesh bodysuit that can be paired with pants, skirts, or shorts, for a blink and you'll miss it vibe. Sport an entirely see-through suit if you feel brave enough, or go for a bodysuit with mesh panels for a more subtle approach.

However you choose to do it, make sure you pick a garment that stays true to you and your tattoo. No tattoo session is pain-free and rib tattoos are apparently among the most painful, so be proud of your beautiful ink and remind yourself that the pain was worth it!

Images: Courtesy Brands