How Kylie Metal Mattes Compare To The Originals

They have yet to be released, but Kylie Jenner's Metal Matte Lipsticks are already causing a stir on the beauty scene. They're shiny, they're pretty, and they're totally original. But looking at the swatches of the new shades, I'm wondering: how do the new Kylie Jenner Metal Matte Lipsticks compare to the original matte shades? I'm sure other beauty fans are just as curious, so I broke down what we know for sure to see how they'll measure up to the original liquid lipsticks.

Jenner teased the new metallic shades on Sunday, and ever since there's speculation about when the new Coachella-ready metallic lipsticks will be available. But before deciding you absolutely need them in your life, you might be wondering whether or not these shades are worth all the hype. Especially when compared to the, beloved original Kylie Lip Kits. Will the metallic shades be just as good?

Of course, we can't know for sure until they are actually available. Sigh. But based on the available information, the three new metal matte shades, Reign, King K, and Heir, will be just as sleek, pigmented, and thick as the original matte lipsticks. However, it's pretty obvious that there will be some differences between the originals and the metal mattes. Take a look at this video from a few weeks ago when Kourt K, the newest Kylie Lip Kit shade, was released.

The formula is so pigmented and thick, it's amazing.

It's clear that the formula dries to a matte texture, but is still just as thick and pigmented as when it was first applied. And it's even better when liquid lipsticks like these are long-lasting and don't rub off. We all know the original formula is popular and well-liked. But let's contrast it with a few swatches of the metal mattes to see how they'll compare.

While Jenner hasn't posted a live action swatch, pay attention to the way the light hits these new metallic shades in this video.

Try not to get too hypnotized by the beauty of these swatches. The light picks up the shimmer in every angle, and they're such unique, metallic colors. They're just as beautiful on, as well.

The colors are very obviously pigmented, which is clear, but they certainly have more of a sheen than the original liquid lipsticks, Which, considering the name Metal Matte, is kind of the point.

In some swatches, like the one above, they look glossy because they reflect light so well.

For example, doesn't this snap of older sis Khloe Kardashian wearing the shade Heir kind of look like a lip gloss?

While it's obvious that the new Metal Matte Lipsticks are pigmented and thick, there are still some things we don't know for sure. Will it be a true matte? Or will it be glossier? Based on the photos, it seems like the metal shades will have more of a glossy texture to them as opposed to a matte quality.

Beyond being part of the Kylie Cosmetics line, the Metal Matte Lipsticks boast super original colors and a cool finish.

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