Which 'Catfish' Season 5 Couples Are Still Together? The Success Rate Isn’t Very High

The couples from Catfish Season 5 have already been through a lot this season. And among the ups and downs, there were actually a few surprisingly successful pairs. But are any Catfish Season 5 couples still together today? Breaking it down episode by episode, this group ranges from a pair who might be soulmates to several couples that have totally broken up and are still seemingly on bad terms. But before I jump into specifics, can I take a moment to share just how shocking it's been to see the differences between this season so far and the last four? The first few seasons of Catfish followed a very similar formula: person reaches out to Catfish, person realizes their online beau is not telling the whole truth, Max and Nev do some digging, and, eventually, the Catfish is revealed to be a well-meaning but misguided person who was just looking for a connection online.

That formula has been totally dismantled in Season 5. It seemed like every time I expected a potential Catfish to be too good to be true, they'd turn out to be real, and when it seemed like the hopeful might finally find their true love, there was some kind of shocking revelation that they were actually betrayed. But in case you've forgotten any of these twists and turns — or aren't familiar with a few post-show revelations — here's what happened to the Catfish couples we've seen so far on Season 5, based on their end-of-episode check-ins and recent social media posts.

Dejay, Malik, & Josiah: Three's A Crowd

So the season started off with the first double-Catfishee, as Dejay and Malik teamed up to find "Josiah," a man who had helped them both come out to their families, but was never willing to meet up with them in person. And another shocker: he was who he said he was! Unfortunately, Josiah had a lot of other baggage to work through, including his son and a boyfriend, so he didn't wind up finding love with either Dejay or Malik. Dajay has made his social media private, while Malik is moving on and still looking good.

Jeanette & Derick: No Luck

Sadly, there was no Derick for Jeanette to find love with — just a woman named Derica, who used a teenager's Instagram photos in order to make the Derick profile. But at the end of her episode, Jeanette still had the support of her daughter, which is all that really matters.

Leuh & Justin: Happy Ending!

These two had a crazy road, filled with fakeouts and ignored texts, but in the end, Justin was not only real, but he wanted to start a relationship with Leuh. And since the show ended, these two are still going strong, tweeting sweet messages about their anniversary just recently.

Brandon & McKenna: Moving On

When McKenna turned out to be Kharece, a girl Brandon actually knew — and rejected — in real life, the episode had an awkward ending. Needless to say, since these two couldn't make it work out when they knew one another IRL, appearing on Catfish did not seal the deal, and they didn't get together. But it looks like that since the show aired, Kharece has been spending time with her friends, which seems like a good step away from Catfishing crushes.

Jaylin & Ja'la: Temporary Happy Ending

This episode ended with Jaylin finding out that his online girlfriend was who she said she was, and they decided to start a long distance relationship. But as the update at the end of the episode revealed, even though they initially tried to work it out, after a few months, the same problems that plagued them before they met (Ja'la/Jaie's infidelity, the distance between them) started to crop up again, and they decided to split. But at least they gave it a chance!

Michael & Chanelle: Still Exes

This episode did not end as expected. Chanelle abruptly stopped talking to Michael after spending years getting to know him through texting. When it turned out that "Chanelle" was really Michael's ex (after a brief hookup years ago), he immediately swore off talking to her anymore. Michael's transition from forgiving to finished was so abrupt, I don't think these two are ever going to reconcile.

Ray & Lexi: A Mutual Decision

Marlena, the actual person behind the "Lexi" profile, was hard to pin down. But when she eventually met up with Nev, Max, and Ray, she wasn't who she said she was, and these two decided to both go their own separate ways. According to the episode followup, they both decided they were no longer romantically interested in one another, so at least it was a mutual decision.

Joanna & Bo: Complicated As Ever

Unlike most other Catfish couples, Joanna had already hooked up with "Bo," who was actually a fake profile made by the real Bo's friend Ana. But while Ana posted messages on her Facebook (which is no longer accessible) about how she'll always be there for Joanna after the episode, Joanna doesn't seem to be returning her affections — she's still reeling over the dramatic slap she delivered to Ana when she revealed that she was behind Bo's profile. But who knows with these two, they're complicated, so anything is possible in the future.

Tyreme & Tomorrow: Just Friends

Tyreme was disappointed to realize that "Tomorrow" wasn't the woman that he thought she was from her online profile. But his outsized reaction was so cruel that it even prompted Nev to speak up on Letrease's behalf. It's probably for the best that they don't try to pursue a romantic relationship, and even though the follow-up segment of the episode said that they are still close friends, if that's true, they've decided to keep that friendship offline.

Kayla & Courtney: TBD

This week's episode of Catfish is still up in the air, but there's not a romantic couple at its center. Will Kayla's deceased dad really be contacting Courtney like the promo above suggests? If he is, it will be one of the most shocking reveals ever on the show. But whatever happens next, this season of Catfish will always be known as the one that proved the series has many ways to surprise its fans.

Image: MTV