13 Men Share What They Masturbate To

Just about every coming of age movie throws in at least a scene or two about men's masturbation habits. From Fast Times at Ridgemont High to American Pie, pop culture has gone out of it's way to make it known that men love to masturbate. Unlike the taboo around female masturbation, we're pretty used to hearing guys talk about how (and how often) they do it.

In a 2016 study of 1,566 female students and 1,452 male students between the ages of 18 and 22 published in the Journal of Sex Research, 98.9 percent of male participants say they've masturbated at some point in their lives, starting at around 12 to 13 years old. (BTW, the amount of women who have masturbated was not too different!) And hey, more power to them, since masturbation has a ton of health benefits. Regular masturbation has been found to decrease erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. It's also been shown to lower the risk of prostate cancer in men.

So what is it that guys are getting off to? Sure, there's a ton of material out there. Women masturbate to everything from sexy music to memories of their ex. But when I spoke to 13 men about what they like to masturbate to, the answers were way more varied than the typical internet porn. Read on to see what they had to say. But first, check out our video on sex positions for lasting longer in bed:

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1. Steve, 28


2. Kevin, 26

3. Luke, 28

4. Tim, 29

5. Sam, 22

6. Skylar, 27

7. Paul, 32


8. Chip, 24

9. Chris, 26


10. Mike, 30

11. Matt, 29

12. Simon, 26

13. Salvatore, 26


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