'Gilmore Girls' Adds Surprising New Guest Stars

Today in completely random news about the Gilmore Girls revival, TV veteran Bonita Friedericy appears to be joining the cast as a nun. Gilmorenews.com was first to spot Friedericy's name added to the IMDb page for the revival, and while her character is currently known only as Nun #1, it would be weird to cast Friedericy without giving her something of import to do. Fans of the NBC series Chuck will remember Friedericy as General Beckman, but the actor has also appeared in How to Get Away with Murder, Impastor, and a number of other projects. She's known for her humor, so she is sure to be a nun with a sharp sense of humor.

Still, that doesn't answer the question of why there are apparently nuns in the Gilmore Girls revival. If Friedericy is Nun #1, that suggests there are more nuns where she came from. Over the course of seven seasons, the Gilmore family never showed any strong religious beliefs. Lorelai did memorably conclude that God was a woman once, and both Lorelai and Rory became godmothers to Sookie's kids, but neither of those things suggested any hidden devoutness.

Having nuns around doesn't mean one of the Gilmores will suddenly be exploring religion, though. There are several ways nuns could factor into the revival from the wedding to the funeral to something more unexpected.

Nuns Descend On The Dragonfly Inn

The inn is notoriously a place full of organized chaos. During the Independence Inn years, there was a Poe convention, a double wedding between two sets of twins, and the Bracebridge Dinner. Things didn't slow down when Lorelai opened the Dragonfly Inn, either. Between the craziness of the opening weekend and Norman Mailer ordering nothing but iced tea, there was always something going on.

Having Lorelai with her penchant to make jokes dealing with nuns coming to stay at the inn would make for a great background storyline in one of the episodes. It could even lead to something significant like Emily, Rory, or Lorelai asking one of the nuns for advice on how to move on post-Richard. There is just no way seeing nuns in Stars Hollow wouldn't be fun.

The Wedding Is Taking Place In A Catholic Church

The infamous wedding still does not have a firm location or even confirmed participants. While none of the characters have openly identified as Catholic, that does not rule out the possibly that they are. There has been a lot of speculation that the wedding in question could be Logan's and his family or his potential wife's family could be Catholic. Can you imagine seeing the Life and Death Brigade in a church? They would definitely end up getting scolded by nuns.

The Nuns Are Present At Richard's Funeral

It's a sad possibility, but the nuns could be on hand for Richard's funeral, if it is shown onscreen. I can easily see Emily, Rory, or Lorelai wandering deep into the church and encountering the nuns. Even if they aren't overtly religious, that doesn't mean the characters won't seek comfort from a religious place during this confusing period in their lives.

They're In A Dream Sequence

I would be absolutely shocked if the Gilmore Girls revival did not include a dream sequence. Throughout the series, Lorelai and Rory have often processed confusing periods of their lives through dreams. These sequences are always impressive and unusual in the way they play out. Why would nuns factor in? Because Lorelai and Rory are consummate lovers of all things pop culture. The most obvious (well, as obvious as a show as wonderfully unexpected as Gilmore Girls can be) reference would be to The Flying Nun.

Lorelai and Rory are huge fans of classic TV — just look at their Donna Reid Show marathon — and The Flying Nun featured a cast of quirky characters not unlike the ones found in Stars Hollow. It's an out there possibility, but I would not rule it out.

Knowing there will be nuns appearing in the revival adds one more layer of mystery to the Gilmore Girls return. Whether they appear in a dream, a church, or the last place anyone would expect, I am sure Amy Sherman-Palladino has something special in store for the fans.

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