Jaclyn Hill's Prosecco Pop Is Only Available Here

by Melodi Erdogan

Champagne Pop fans, meet Prosecco Pop. The new, equally gorgeous highlight, which is included in the limited edition Jaclyn Hill x BECCA Champagne Glow Face Palette, is already causing a stir in the makeup scene. Some of you may already be wondering: can you buy Jaclyn Hill's Prosecco Pop highlight separately or do you need the whole palette?

Bustle has reached out to BECCA Cosmetics for comment on the issue, but it appears likely that the new Prosecco Pop shade will only be available as part of the Champagne Glow Face Palette, at least for now. So whether you just wanted one new highlight, already have Champagne Pop in your collection, or were simply looking to save some money by just buying one, you may be out of luck.

Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette, $89, Sephora

But, let's be real, that's hardly an inconvenience. In only takes one glance to fall in love with every single shade of powder in this palette. Prosecco Pop is featured alongside the record-breaking Champagne Pop, plus three new blushes in three different finishes: Shimmer, Matte, and Satin. Even just looking at the photos of the palette you can tell how pigmented and rich these shades are. Don't all five of the products look like a perfect recipe for #highlightonfleek?

Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette, $89, Sephora

As Allure reported, Hill described Prosecco Pop as "a true gold, and it's what I’ve been wearing constantly." Considering Hill is basically the queen of highlighter, that's saying something.

Hill recently posted a photo on her Instagram page wearing both Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop together. Be prepared for some major highlight envy.

Something tells me that this BECCA X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow Face Palette is going to be very, very popular. Since Champagne Pop has a tendency to sell out, and since Hill is one of the most talented, down-to-earth, and genuinely sweet beauty vloggers out there, I'd be willing to say the Champagne Glow face palette will also be a hit.

As far as we know, Prosecco Pop won't be available as it's own single compact. Although, BECCA has made changes to their products with Hill before. Champagne Pop was originally limited edition, but now is now an official part of the brand's collection. So, could Prosecco Pop become a permanent product? And could it then be sold as it's own compact? Only time will tell.

Launching on on May 26 and in stores on June 16, there's still plenty of time to make room for this baby on your vanity.

Images: beccacosmetics/Instagram