10 Arguments All Harry Potter Fans Have Gotten Into

Some people call this generation millennials, but I prefer the term "Harry Potter generation." After all, so many of us grew up reading the books and consider the experience an integral part of our childhood. We all got a letter, we all went through Platform 9 3/4, and we all know that Hogwarts will always be there to welcome us home. And with all the upcoming HP premieres and events, the story is still a big part of every fan's life.

Of course, there's a certain bond between fans of Harry Potter. When you find out someone else also loves the story of an ordinary boy finding out that he's a wizard, you probably feel an automatic kinship with them. And if someone says that they hate Harry Potter or they "just don't see the appeal," well... you probably got into a bit of an argument there.

The truth is that for every conversation Harry Potter fans have had in which they gush about how much the series means to them, they've also had a Harry Potter-related argument. It can't be helped — when you feel passionately about something, it's bound to happen. Of course, your opponents will probably stop challenging you after a while, because they'll learn that you just can't win against this kind of magic. But if you must argue... here are the things you've definitely argued about as a true Harry Potter fan.

1. "Which Book Is The Best?"

Every Harry Potter fan has a favorite book. The truth is, there's that one book you love to read over and over again, and if someone insults it... well, you're going to get into an argument. For me, the first book will always be my favorite, so if someone tries to tell me that the later books in the series are "infinitely better," those are fighting words.

2. "Which House Is Best?"

You might say you love every house, but if someone insults ~your~ house, you will bust down their door in a shower of house-colored glitter and give an impassioned argument about your Hogwarts home.

3. "Do you love or hate Snape?"

Every Potter fan has an opinion about Snape. Maybe you love him, and you can't get enough of his scenes with Lily. If only they could have been together! Or maybe you think that Snape is super problematic, and that everyone should stop romanticizing someone who was obsessed with the dark arts. Whichever side you take... you've probably argued at one point or another about your opinion on this matter with fellow HP fans.

4. "How Do You Feel About This [Non-Canon Ship]?"

You KNOW that it's a ridiculous ship. You KNOW that they don't actually get together in the books. But just IMAGINE FOR ONE SECOND that *insert character name here* and *other character here* actually got together. What? You think that's crazy? Cue argument.

5. "Which Death Was Saddest?"

Your BFF cried most when Sirius died, but you swear nothing tops Dobby's death for sadness. You argue. Neither of you change your minds.

6. "Why Couldn't Harry Have Just Used The Time Turner To Defeat Voldemort...??" [And Other Plot Holes]

People who have read Harry Potter too many times (jk, that's impossible) love to discuss extremely specific plot details. And if you try to say that something doesn't make sense, such as why Harry didn't just use the time turner to defeat Voldemort from the get go... well, you can bet these hardcore fans will explain exactly why you're wrong.

7. "What Would Your Patronus Be?"

My brother told me that my Patronus would be a parrot. Um, no it would NOT. This obviously lead to an argument, as I'm sure fellow Potter fans have experienced. For the record, my Patronus would obviously be a wolf. Thank you, end of argument.

8. "Harry And Hermione... Or Hermione And Ron?"

You definitely have an opinion on this one. Should Hermione have ended up with Harry, instead of Ron? Or someone else altogether?

9. "How Can You Watch The Movies But Not Read The Books???"

This is probably the most passionate argument you've gotten into as a Harry Potter fan. Some poor soul told you that they didn't need to read the books, because they'd "already seen the movies." Bless their hearts. They definitely got an earful after that argument-provoking statement.

10. "How Do You Feel About The Epilogue?"

Some people love the Harry Potter epilogue, and those people have probably argued at some point or another with those who hated it. But perhaps the one thing we can all agree on: Albus Severus is not a super cool-sounding name. Poor kid.

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