13 Dark Makeup Tutorials For Summer Goths

by Melodi Erdogan

A typical summer makeup routine usually involves bright lip colors and pastel eyeshadows, not black lipstick and dark liner. But if you're more inclined to rock the latter, then these dark makeup looks for summer are for you. Whether you're a fan of the unexpected aesthetic, you just can't hide your inner goth, or you adore black lipstick too much to part ways with it for a whole season, these stunning creations featuring dark pigments and edgy trends are definitely worth trying out.

The sunshine and daisies outside your window may tell you otherwise, but now is a better time than ever to experiment with dark beauty looks. If dark makeup is statement-making in winter, just imagine how bold it'll look at a time when bright hues are the expectation. Plus, dark pigments aren't nearly as much of a burden as wearing an all-black outfit in the heat. Additionally, they'll allow you to broaden your creative expression through beauty in this hot season, so you're not only constricted to one color palette. No matter the time of year, there's something undeniably pretty about dark makeup.

Below you'll find 13 different looks, courtesy of tutorials via the talented beauty vloggers of YouTube, that offer creative and stunning beauty ideas for summer. There's no need to store your fall/winter beauty products away this year. Instead, keep them out and get ready to feel some major dark makeup inspiration.

1. Brown

If you think a full-on black makeup look is taking things a little too far for summer, then have no fear. A similar look featuring brown pigments can achieve a dark yet pretty aesthetic. Let Carli Bybel take you through the steps to create a stunning glittery brown eye look with a matching matte brown lip. The pigments she uses are heavenly, so be prepared to fall for this look.

2. '90s Inspired

What better way is there to embrace your summer darkness than with a makeup look straight from the '90s? Michelle Phan shows her viewers how to achieve a grungy yet gorgeous look with glossy, dark lips, eyes lined with black kohl, and, of course, thin and defined brows. Don't be afraid to rock this makeup look with the summer's '90s fashion trends as well.

3. Black Lips

If you want to know the secret to rocking dark, black lips year-round, look no further than easyNeon's black lips tutorial. Her take on an ebony lip color involves blended matte shadows and expert shading to create a stunning foundation for a statement-making color. Be prepared to bookmark this one, because it's that good.

4. Dark Eyes

If you prefer the focus on your eyes, there's a dark, brooding makeup tutorial for that, too. Check out KathleenLights' deep, dark eyes that she creates with intense pigments. Even though the look is harsh, and may be a little much for day time, just imagine how beautiful it'd look for a summer night on the town.

5. Smoky Eye

Look at that smoky eye and tell me that it isn't downright gorgeous. Even if it's the dead of summer and the heat will not let up, there's no doubt that a polished, expertly blended smoky eye like Alexis Kaymor's is a foolproof makeup look for a date, night out, or other special occasion. Just be sure to add some primer and finishing spray to make sure it stays put in the summer heat and humidity.

6. Fall Inspired

If you're already counting down the days until autumn, this might be the tutorial for you. Inspired by cool tones and fall trends, Jaclyn Hill created a stunning makeup look with beautiful shadows, a dark glossy lip, and a flawless foundation. Another plus? The majority of the products Hill uses are super affordable.

7. Natural Foundation

Erica Fae knows the power of a dark makeup look for summer. With her tutorial, she shows viewers how to achieve the look without piling on products that will weigh you down in the heat. By using BB creams, spot concealing, and some handy dandy primers, her look is lightweight yet dramatic. Talk about a winning combination.

8. Winged Liner

This one's about a flawless face, a stunning lip color, and, wait for it, a dramatic winged eyeliner. Just because the temperatures are warm doesn't mean you have to give up these dark beauty elements. MonicaStyle Muse shows viewers how to rock the look and still be fresh-faced.

9. Vampy

If you've seen her videos before, you likely know that Desi Perkins slays at brooding makeup looks. Surprise, surprise, her vampy dark eyes with a stark lip color absolutely slay. Get ready to mess with pigments, black eyeshadow, and a purple lip color to recreate Perkins' aesthetic.

10. Gray

Have you ever seen a smoky eye as soft and pretty as suhrealmakeup's? The gray shadows she expertly blends out create a soft focus effect around her eyes. Paired with a dark lip color, this look is stunning. If you love dark beauty, but are looking for something a little lighter than a full-on smoky eye, this tutorial certainly makes a case for soft, matte gray shades.

11. Special Occasion

From weddings to roof-top parties to beach weekends, summer is usually full of formal events that take advantage of the nice weather. You guessed it: There's a dark makeup look for your summer formal events as well. Check out Destiny Godley's take on a plum eye, dark lip, and bold brows.

12. Metallic

MrJovitaGeorge's tutorial for a metallic smoky eye involves only a few key shadows, a black eyeliner pencil, and your fingers. Yup, that's all you need to create her super pretty look. Does it get any easier than this for a goth metallic eye look? No, no it doesn't.

13. Glowing

Glowing skin and dark pigments aren't your usual pairing (you typically see glowing skin with bronzy neutrals and similarly glowing shadows). But this look, courtesy of NathalieBellax3, proves that the unexpected combination can be beyond pretty.

There you have it: 13 dark makeup looks that are certainly unexpected when compared to your average summer beauty products and tones. So embrace your summer goth and throw on your favorite dark products, because life's too short not to wear makeup you love. Even if that means a dark lip and a heavy eyeliner in the thick of summer.

Image: Erica Fae/YouTube (1)