Which 'Big Brother 18' Houseguests Are Single? There Are Plenty Of Showmance Options This Season

Every year, CBS collects 16 people to spend an entire summer together in the Big Brother house, and inevitably some of those houseguests are going to enter the season single. Since the beginning of this season, fans have been trying to predict potential Big Brother 18 showmances that could pop up between the houseguests. However, not everyone in the house is looking to hookup, as some of the contestants have relationships outside of the house that they are looking to maintain. So if you want to figure out who to 'ship this summer, you'll need to know which Big Brother 18 houseguests are single.

While entering the house while apparently already in a relationship hasn't stopped certain houseguests in the past from entering showmances (the Austin situation is still fresh in the minds of many Big Brother fans), we're much more likely to see some romance between some of the single occupants. Of course, this is Big Brother, where we're told to expect the unexpected, so even if two single people seem to have feelings for each other, that doesn't mean a showmance is guaranteed. Surprise evictions, alliances, and more can easily throw a wrench into a budding romance. But just in case two BB18 houseguests manage to beat the odds, here's how everyone entered the house.



Bridgette's charm is infectious, but anyone who falls for her will be out of luck — she has a boyfriend back home. She revealed in her "Meet The Houseguests" video that she's in a relationship and that there's "no showmance in the plan [to win]."



When James was asked in his pre-show interview, "How's it goin' with the ladies?" his answer was "consistent." Later in the interview, he remarked that he is single but that it's "complicated." James' flirtatious tendencies are as present as always, so it looks like things could be just as complicated when he leaves the house.



Frank was in a showmance during his time in the house on BB14, but is seems that things have changed in the four years that have passed. While there's no mention of Frank having a girlfriend in any interviews, he does refer to a girlfriend while on the feeds, and sometimes addresses her directly. Frank may not be single, but that hasn't stopped him from using his charm to try and get ahead in the Big Brother house.



Nicole's showmance with Hayden in BB16 carried through to become a full-fledged relationship when they left the house, but unfortunately this relationship was not meant to last. Nicole and Hayden broke up before BB18, which means that Nicole is single in the house. However, Nicole seems confident that she'll be avoiding a showmance this year, despite how close she's been getting with fellow houseguest Corey.



When Da'Vonne entered the house in BB17, she was a single mother and it seems that she's still the sole caretaker of her daughter, as she hasn't mentioned any relationships in interviews or in the house. That doesn't mean that Da'Vonne is looking for a showmance any time soon however, as the only relationship she's interested in is the maternal one she has with her daughter and all the good that $500,000 would do for her.



Paul proclaimed his singledom during his BB18 pre-interview, but his loud personality seems to have put off anyone who could've been interested in a showmance with him.


Zakiyah claimed she was not only single but "ready for a showmance" before the season began, and considering the fact that she's been getting close to Paulie, it looks like she's ready to make that a reality.



Natalie proclaimed that she is "single as a pringle" in her pre-show interview, and it doesn't get much more single than that.



Victor announced himself very early on as someone who was interested in a showmance, and has crafted much of his personality as a contestant around being a ladies' man. He explained in his pre-show interview that he would be willing to use a showmance to his advantage, but those plans have yet to come to fruition.



Tiffany stated that she's single in the premiere episode of BB18 but now that she's settling into the 8-pack and Fatal Five alliances and making plans to get to the end of the game, a showmance does not appear to be on her mind.



Corey entered the house single, and seems to be making the most of it by getting close to the recently single Nicole.



Bronte is aware that "being in a showmance makes you an easy target" and despite being single, isn't looking for love in the house any time soon.


The case of whether or not Paulie is single has yet to be solved, but he has been getting very close with Zakiyah. Perhaps he'll soon confirm his status to Zakiyah and viewers as they continue to spend time together.


In a pre-show interview, Michelle stated that she would "potentially be in a showmance, if ... it helps in the game" which implies that she is, in fact single. However, she recently shared a story about pretending to be in a relationship so when it comes to Michelle and relationships, perhaps take what she says with a grain of salt.

The majority of houseguests this season are single, which means the odds of a showmance are high. With so many intricate plans being set up, how far will a showmance possibly knock these plans down? Being single in Big Brother has its pros and cons, but it promises to make the summer incredibly entertaining for viewers.

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