How Long Will A Septum Piercing Hurt?

Spotted on celebs and the hippest folks in your locality, septum piercings’ popularity has sky rocketed of late. If you’re someone who loves keeping up to date with the latest trends and you’re planning on following suit, you might be wondering how long a septum piercing hurts. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but the thought of getting any type of facial piercing leaves me feeling a little squeamish. The great thing about other piercings like ear piercings, is you generally can’t see what’s going on. But, when you get a septum piercing, the needle is right in front of your eyes and probably tricky to look away from – I’d definitely have to close my eyes!

All grossness aside, septum piercings look rad and I’m sure they’re totally worth any discomfort or pain. In 2013 Jessica Biel wore a subtly elegant nose ring to the Met Gala and the following year, Kendall Jenner wore a giant nose ring at Coachella. Septum piercings appear to be a body mod trend that’s here to stay.

Thus, I caught up with pro piercer Ashley of Venus by Maria Tash, to discover the truth about septum piercing pain, in order to find out how long fresh ones hurt for. Because what’s the point in getting this fabulously festival-worthy piercing, if it stops us having fun at this summer’s festivals?

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Well, according to Ashley, “Being that everyone is wired a little differently the pain level of any piercing varies from person to person.” However, Ashley tells me the good news too, “All piercings only take a split second to complete and, for most people, simply feel like a small pinch. Most clients agree that stubbing their toe or having a flu shot hurts more intensely than any piercing.” This is great news for folks who are newbies when it comes to piercings or for those who have a low pain threshold.

So what about septum piercings in particular? Well, Ashley tells me, “While septum piercings make you look pretty brave, they don't take very long to heal at all and are also super easy in terms of healing. Healing time for a septum is only 6 – 8 weeks.” This is awesome news for anyone considering a septum piercing.

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Ashley also adds, “When you have a septum piercing done your eyes water a little bit but that is typically the only uncomfortable part of the procedure.” So even if you do have an insanely low pain threshold and the pain of your septum piercing makes you cry, you can always blame it on the procedure – just tell anyone who asks that your eyes are watering! However, it seems it’s unlikely you’ll have to hold back any tears, considering some people have likened piercing pain to a toe stub or a flu shot.

So stop fretting and get booked in for a septum piercing session, because it may not be anything like what you’ve been imagining!

Image: Sebastian Unrau (1) /Unsplash