User Activity On Dating App Happn Is Up At The Olympics & Everyone's Crushing On Turkey

As much as athletes are breaking records in Rio, dating apps are breaking records at the Olympics, too. With Happn, the dating app for meeting people you've crossed paths with, more and more Happn users have been competing for “crushes” while at the Olympics this week. A “crush,” aka a match, happens if both “like” each other — then you can start chatting.

The app uses real-time geolocation technology to show you people you’ve encountered throughout the day and night — whether you’re at the grocery store, gym, or, yep, competing in the Olympics. Or maybe you’re in Rio watching or hanging out in Olympic Village (where, incidentally, 450,000 condoms have been doled out to Olympians, which equates to 42 condoms per athlete). Whatever the case may be, Happn is happenin’ in Rio. Happn is happenin’ in the rest world, too, with over 20 million users and 1.5 million new users joining every month. I’d love to see those numbers after the Games in Rio, too.

I actually met my boyfriend on it (in addition to Bumble; you tend to see the same people on different sites). I don’t know about you, but if I were single at the Olympics, I’d love to see all the Olympians who come up in my Happn timeline. After all, a lot of them are using dating apps at the Games. And even before apps, there have been athletes who have met and fallen in love at the Olympics.

So, what countries’ users are “winning” and getting the most “crushes” on Happn in Rio this week? Here are the top 10 countries:

1. Turkey

2. Belgium

3. China

4. Argentina

5. Norway


6. Portugal

7. Canada

8. Colombia

9. China

10. U.S.

Images: Fotolia, Giphy, Getty Images