11 Easy Cat Halloween Makeup Tutorials

One of the easiest Halloween costumes that seems to pop up year upon year is, of course, the cat. However, you'll likely want to stand out in the sea of felines this year, so you may need an easy cat halloween makeup tutorial to help you become the crème de la crème of kitties.

Halloween can be a particularly vexing time of year. There's a lot to think about in between classes, work, and/or chasing after your little devils and angels. All Hallow's Eve is still a pretty big deal and each year, people seem to take things to the next level, making it a celebration that's becoming bigger, better, and scarier as time goes on. If you've got plans this year — whether it's your first Halloween house party or you're taking your little monsters trick or treating — you'll probably want to look the part.

And, IMO, the cat costume is seriously underrated. The only money you need to spend is on a pair of ears (and maybe a tail, if you really want to go all out) which can be found at just about any dollar store. Aside from that, you just need some black clothes from head to toe and a kickass face of makeup. These easy cat makeup tutorials are sure to suit an array of discerning kitties and can be completed in a jiffy!

1. The Classic Cat

Complete with cat eye makeup, whiskers, and a splash of gold eyeshadow, this tutorial is for anyone who wants to go for the classic cat look with just a touch of glamour.

2. The Catwoman Look

Add a slick of scarlet lipstick for a vampy villainess style that makes a nod towards the seductive Catwoman.

3. The Ethereal Eyes

A pair of cat eye contacts and novelty false eyelashes will give your cat costume an ethereally spooky vibe.

4. The Cute Cat

Girly girls will love this pretty, pink kitty makeup that's quick, easy, and adorable.

5. The Cheshire Cat Inspired Tutorial

For anyone who wants to embrace the spooky spirit of Halloween and go for an eerie feline ensemble, this Cheshire Cat inspired tutorial is the cat's meow!

6. The Leopard Look

If big cats are more your bag, you'll definitely want to check out this last minute leopard makeup tutorial.

7. The Cartoony Cat

Fans of anime and manga will go crazy for this cartoony Cat Girl tutorial that features a few awesome accessories that make a real impact. My personal favorite is the set of faux fangs.

8. The Tiger Tutorial

This helpful YouTuber shows viewers how to create a head-to-toe tiger look including an outfit, so you can look totally fierce come Halloween.

9. The Cat In The Hat

Literary lovers are sure to enjoy creating a makeup look inspired by The Cat in the Hat , along with a matching DIY outfit to boot!

10. The Lioness Look

Aspiring feline royalty will appreciate this majestic tutorial that shows viewers how to prep their lioness mane and create totally roarsome makeup.

11. Grumpy Cat Makeup

This funny Grumpy Cat inspired makeup is purrfect for comedic ladies who like to put a smile on people's faces.

Become the cat that got the cream this Halloween with the help of an easy cat makeup tutorial. Just make sure to go easy on the catnip!

Image: Laura Lee/YouTube