10 Innovative Sex Toys You Need To Know About

It seems like there's a hip new sex toy released every week. It can be a little overwhelming— there are way too many options and types for you to have all of them. And so many of them look so cool. What's the right sex toy for you?

The great thing about all of the new and innovative sex toys is that there are more and more niche options — meaning whatever your specific need or want is, there's probably a sex toy for that. We're past the days of buying a neck massager at Sharper Image and multi-tasking it. There are sex toys of every shape, size, and purpose. So it's time to start look at what innovations are right for you. You want to vibrate to your favorite book? Control a sex toy from around the world? Masturbate to the sound of Big Bird singing "Let's Get It On"? There's a toy for that. (Probably... maybe). What I'm saying is whatever you're in the mood for, there's something for it.

But first you have to wrap your mind around all of the options available, because there are a lot. Here are 10 of the most revolutionary sex toys you should know about, because you haven't tried a vibrator that syncs with your music then you're missing out:

1. Pulse II

Vibrators aren't just for women any more. The Pulse II is a "guybrator" which allows him to insert his penis and get all of the amazing vibrations we've been enjoying for years. It could be a great option for a guy who may be threatened by your favorite toy. Give him one of his own to play with.

HotOctopuss Pulse II, $139, Amazon

2. Hello Touch by Jimmyjane

Have you ever been having sex and thought, if only this felt more like the Matrix? The HelloTouch has your back. It's got little vibrators that you wear on your finger tips, and the idea is that they don't disrupt sex as much as other vibrators. And wow, they look like they're from the future.

Jimmyjane Hello Touch, $43, Amazon

3. KGoal

If you've ever struggled to keep up with kegels, this is the thing for you. It's like a personal trainer for your vagina, keeping track of your progress and helping you strengthen your vagina even more. And it's about a billion times more fun than your exercise or sleep tracker.

Minna Life KGoal Smart Pelvic Floor Exerciser, $144, Amazon

4. The Liberator Wedge

OK, it's way more useful than the photo makes it look. The wedge is only one of a bunch of products from in The Liberator series, which realized that to have the best sex we may need some help getting into— and staying in— the more interesting positions. It provides support and comfort to try different and more advanced sexual positions, for those of us who are not yogi gymnasts.

The Liberator Wedge, $79.99, Amazon

5. Lush

There are a lot of remote controlled vibrators out there, but the Lush takes it up a notch. It's powerful, it's sensitive, and most importantly: you can control it through the internet from any distance . From anywhere. Your partner can send vibrations from the other side of the damn world. For long distance relationships it doesn't get any better than this.

Lovense Lush Remote Controlled Vibrator, $119, Amazon

6. OhMiBod 3.Oh

This combines your favorite music and vibrator technology into something amazing. According to their site, the "audio enabled integrated microchip allows the OhMiBod iPod massager to vibrate to the beat and rhythm of your music while you listen." I think this calls for a whole special new playlist.

OhMiBod 3.Oh Vibrator, $59, OhMiBod

See similar: OhMiBod Club 2.Oh Vibrator, $48.95, Amazon

7. Samsung Gear VR

I know it doesn't look like a sex toy, but used correctly, it totally is. It's one of the fancy, techie head sets that you can use to watch virtual reality porn, which seems to be the next big thing in the porn industry. Sex, dates, threesomes — it can all happen through the headset. And people seem to love it. I'm sure you can use it for video games or something too, but, you know... porn.

Samsung Gear Virtual Reality Set, $99.99, Amazon

8. Fiera Arouser

It's a "before-play" toy, that you can use if you have trouble getting in the mood. It suctions around your clitoris to increase blood flow to the area and can also be used as a toy during sex — the best kind of multitasking.

Fiera Arouser, $260, Amazon

9. B. Sensory "Little Bird"

How the hell did I not know about this sooner? There's a vibrator that syncs with what you're reading so the pulses go along with the hot scenes. You can legit 'feel' the sexiness. Book club just got better. And weirder, way weirder.

B. Sensory Little Bird, $99, B. Sensory

10. Eva Hands-Free Couples' Vibrator

An innovation that you can still purchase through their IndieGogo fundraising page (which was crazy successful), this vibrator allows for hands-free clitoral stimulation during sex, something that we should have had a long time ago. The weird little legs allow it to stay in place during sex and its very feminist creators are hoping it will close the pleasure gap between men and women during sex. Amen.

Eva Hands-Free Couples' Vibrator, $105, IndieGoGo

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Images: B. Sensory; HotOctopuss; Jimmy Jane; Minna Life; One Up Innovations; Lovense; OhMiBod; Amazon; Fiera; IndieGoGo