Kylie Jenner Drops Wisdom During Her Snapchat Q&A

If Kylie Jenner took the time to respond to every single rumor, she probably wouldn't be able to fit anything else in her schedule. Instead, the 19-year-old has become a pro in letting things go. On Saturday night, Jenner hosted a Snapchat Q&A to answer fans' biggest questions — all while using the puppy filter, of course. She tackled topics ranging from her dogs' names to her upcoming Halloween costume (which she's keeping a surprise, BTW). The most insightful moment came when she talked about how she handles life in the spotlight and any made-up stories that ensue. In a series of videos, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians said,

"When I've had enough of the media, what do I do? Honestly, I just talk everything out. I'm a really vocal person. But I'm vocal in my private life. If there's a fake story about me, I'm not going to waste my energy trying to prove everybody wrong. It's just not really worth my time. You're not going to please everybody."

When the attention becomes too much, Jenner admitted she talks things out with her friends, who know her best. And while she confessed sometimes she wants to write on every possible blog to clear up rumors, she ultimately knows it's not worth it. Furthermore, that's a message she wanted to relay to her fans — that other people's opinions don't really matter. This may explain why she hasn't said anything about her brother Rob Kardashian leaking her phone number last Monday. Rather than dwelling on "a little family drama" (as Kim Kardashian called it), Jenner decided to move on.

After pausing to talk about pomegranate seeds (obviously an equally important topic), she segued back to the idea of trying to please others. In another Snapchat, Jenner added,

"To continue the question before, you will kill yourself trying to please everybody. It will never happen and once you accept that, you're chilling."

That's a lesson that anyone can learn from — celebrity or not. Jenner has seemed to find peace with the person she is in-real life, versus the one that's portrayed on TV and social media. Instead of getting upset any time people confuse the two, she just brushes it off.

While the average person likely doesn't face constant breakup or plastic surgery rumors like this reality star, it's still a message that resonates. Learning to realize whose opinion matters — and more importantly, whose doesn't — can save you plenty of emotional energy in the long-run. So, props to Jenner for delivering some serious wisdom, dog filter and all.