10 Party Themes Inspired By The '90s

Who doesn't love a good '90s throwback? Judging by the proliferation of '90s paraphernalia that has come back into popularity, the answer is no one — no one can resist a nostalgic stroll down memory lane. The good news is that there are plenty of '90s-inspired party themes perfect for any occasion that will help you take that trip anytime you want by throwing a shindig in honor of everyone's favorite decade. Got a birthday coming up? There's a '90s-inspired party theme for that. Getting married? There's a '90s-inspired party theme for that. It doesn't matter what you're celebrating; it's bound to be an epic affair if you use the '90s as a muse.

You may have been to a generic '90s-inspired party before. You know the type — everyone wears chokers and slathers themselves in body glitter while they dance around to the Spice Girls. But you can do better than that! By going more specific with your '90s inspiration, you can throw a truly original throwback shindig that will have everyone talking for weeks to come.

So whether you're an older millennial or a '90s baby, there's a little something for every self-professed "90's kid" to love from this list of party ideas that are, ahem, all that and a bag of chips.

1. Hocus Pocus Party

Why hold out for Halloween to enjoy Hocus Pocus? Pinterest is chock full of ideas for throwing the perfect Hocus Pocus party, ranging from Twizzlers for "lucky rat tails" and bacon-wrapped sausages for "dead man's toes" recipes to free printables encouraging guest to go "amok, amok, amok." Did I mention there's a tutorial for making S'mores pops that look like Winifred Sanders precious Book?

2. Bad '90s Beauty Fads Party

Break out the scrunchies, butterfly clips, porcupine up-dos, and blue eyeshadow overload for a toast to the best of the worst beauty trends we were all obsessed with back in the '90s. Heck, if you're feeling froggy, you could splurge on some chunky highlights. Need food ideas? For a sweet treat, try cinnamon buns in homage to Bjork-style mini-buns.

3. Iconic Fictional '90s Couples Party

There's plenty of room to play with this theme. If you're a fan of a good costume party, you can ask guests to pick their favorite fictional couple and dress up like them. Or, if that sounds like too much of a hassle, you could subtly incorporate nods to these iconic couples in your menu or playlist. For example, you might serve "Harry and Sally's orgasmic salad" or play songs from '90s couple kiss scenes — must-haves include Counting Crows' "Colorblind" from Cruel Intentions and the Righteous Brothers' "Unchained Melody" from Ghost.

4. Clueless Party

You'll be a total Betty when you roll with your homies at a Clueless-inspired extravaganza. Party snacks would obviously include popcorn, peanut butter M&M's, and licorice (two bowls of Special K and three pieces of turkey bacon optional). Plaid blazers or skirt suits are acceptable attire, but the only suitable party favors are fuzzy feather pens.

5. '90s Rave Party

For a '90s-inspired rave, you're going to need a bunch of black lights, some glow in the dark body paint, the most colorful and kitschy accessories you can find, a killer DJ, glow sticks, and an open mind. Don't forget to wear a crop top, and have a cushy pillow fort set up somewhere in case anyone want to partake in a good ol' fashioned cuddle puddle.

6. Sex and the City Party

Well this one is kind of easy, right? Cosmopolitans and Staten Island iced teas for everyone! Anything and everything NYC related, obviously. And the color scheme's a no-brainer, too — you can't go wrong with pink, black, and glittery. Bonus points if you're brave enough to rock Carrie's tulle skirt or "naked dress" for the big night.

7. A Lisa Frank Party

If it's day-glo, sparkly, doused in rainbows, or has anything to do with kittens and unicorns, it'll fit right in at this party. Fortunately, decor is a cinch considering there's an entire line of Lisa Frank products at your disposal. As far as food goes, I highly recommend unicorn bark and rainbow pizza. Yes, you guys, I said rainbow pizza. Talk about your wildest dreams coming true!

8. A Pokemon Party

There's no time like the present to have a Pokemon party. Thanks to the resurgence of Pokemon popularity spurred on by "Pokemon Go," there is tons of fresh Pokemon party inspo, from a Pokeball pinata to Pikachu Peeps Pops. Plus, how much fun would it be to have all of your guests embark on a "Pokemon Go" adventure together? You could even make a competition out of it, giving a prize to the person who captures the rarest Pokemon.

9. Harry Potter Party

To be clear, there are about a million ways you can go about throwing a Harry Potter- themed party — and they're all glorious. Bonus? Many of them are also quite affordable. Got a big backyard? Spray-paint some hula hoops and nail them to wood poles for a instant Quidditch arena. Channel your inner Tom Riddle by leaving ominous messages in blood (OK, fine, red lipstick will do) on bathroom mirrors. Serve chilled butterbeer, because butterbeer. As a finishing touch, add floating candles for a truly magical feel.

10. An Oregon Trail Party

You may have died of dysentery every time you played this classic computer game in the '90s, but there's tons of fun to be had with an Oregon Trail-themed party. Like, for instance, did you know there is an Oregon Trail board game? You can buy it at Target, people. Menu ideas might include trail mix (natch) and buffalo wings (just don't bring back 2000 more pounds than your wagon can actually carry, as we were all wont to do with prairie buffalo on the Trail).

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