9 Tattoos That Look Like Jewelry To Look Eternally Put Together

Folks who are equally passionate about their ink as they are their bling, will adore tattoos that look like jewelry. Because what could be better than waking up every morning, dripping in jewels, and resembling royalty before you've even had your morning coffee? Nothing. Except maybe a basket of puppies wearing diamonds, plus a lifetime supply of pizza, but even still, it would be a close call.

Over the course of the past few years, with the help of social media, tattoo trends have flourished and there seems to be a new fashion every week when it comes to ink. However, there have been a few tattoo trends that have stuck around. Take for instance, wedding ring tattoos: Instead of opting for physical wedding bands, some contemporary couples are choosing tatted ring fingers to celebrate their love, which IMO, symbolize "forever" more than a gold ring could. We've also seen the rise in popularity of metallic flash tattoos, many of which have been inspired by real jewelry. Although, you'll probably want to steer clear of temporary tatts that make reference to "tribal" imagery, for obvious reasons, unless of course it makes reference to your ancestry.

So if you're tired of putting on the same pieces everyday, make your morning routine way faster by adorning yourself in tattoos that look like jewelry, while resembling a modern day Holly Golightly.

1. The Beautiful Bracelet

There'll be no more awkward attempts at fastening your bracelet one-handed when you've got a gorgeous tattoo bracelet around your wrist. This particularly pretty design was created at Inkinn Tattoo Studio.

2. The Serpentine Ring

There's a tattoo ring to suit all tastes, so incorporate your personality into your design, like the wearer of this hypnotising snake inspired, inked ring. Its owner, Natalia Kolasa, wanted a tattoo that symbolized Mississippi. She writes on her tattoo and travel blog, "I related the choice of tattoo to the multitude of Ss in the state name and the way the Mississippi River snakes its way down the United States. My first tattoo was a snake, which I have since covered up, and this state visit would revive the image on my ring finger."

3. The Whimsical Anklet

An adorable, inked anklet is the perfect accessory to your summer wardrobe.

4. The Statement Necklace

If you're looking for a rad way to make strapless dresses and tops look even more gorgeous, you've hit the jackpot when it comes to statement tattoo necklaces.

5. The Luxe Choker

Chokers have come back into vogue with a vengeance and can make any outfit look utterly luxurious.

6. The Opulent Cuff

If glamor and decadence are your cup of tea, why not try a divine, bejewelled tatt on for size?

7. The Cutesy Toe Ring Tattoo

Forget snagging your toe ring on everything in sight — a tatted toe ring is all the fun without the hassle.

8. The Cool Ear Cuff

Folks looking for something a little more minimal will likely feel inkspired by this edgy ear cuff, that's equal parts chic and contemporary.

9. The Subtle Necklace

An adorable tattoo that IMO, looks like it's the key to the wearer's heart, works as a standalone piece and also accessorizes well with other real jewelry.

So consider jewelry inspired ink the next time you go under the needle, because opulence never goes out of style!

Image: patrykhilton/Instagram